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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on August 16, 2013

Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Lead Generation Website

Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Lead Generation Website

Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Lead Generation Website

How to connect your AEC firm’s website with the rest of the world using social media.Take Advantage of Social Media

Websites have become one of the most widely used means for Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firms to communicate with their target audience. AEC firms can assemble online portfolios and e-brochures to display their work on their websites and convince prospective clients to hire them. However, just because your firm has a website doesn’t mean that people are going to see it. Social media marketing can open up your website to the rest of the world and ensure that it receives plenty of traffic.

Social media is now ubiquitous in our society. The goal of social media marketing is to give your firm more visibility and connect you with your target audience on social networks like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Each social media channel offers an opportunity for you to drive traffic to your website and expand your client base.  

Determine Which Social Media Networks Are Right for Your AEC Firm

Use social media channels that make the most sense for your firm and target audience. Since you have a professional services firm, most of your prospective clients probably have a presence on LinkedIn. They might also be using Twitter and Facebook.

Pinterest is a great site for architects because it allows prospective clients to browse pictures of your work, and you can link the pictures back to your website to drive traffic. There are also several niche social networks where your prospective clients might hang out, such as Houzz in the home construction space. Find out where your prospects are communicating online and then link your website to those social media channels.

Incorporate Social Media Elements into Your Website Design

Add social media icons that link to your social media profiles to the header and/or footer of your website. Visitors may click on these icons and then follow you on different social media networks to receive your updates in the future.

Include social sharing buttons on your blog posts and articles to enable readers to easily share your content on the social web. This will encourage visitors to spread the word about your content to their networks and introduce your website to new readers. The counters on social sharing buttons allow readers to see how many times your content has been shared.

Provide calls-to-action on your website that encourage visitors to follow your social media accounts and share your content. For example, you could include calls-to-action like, “Tweet this post”, “Join our group on LinkedIn to receive exclusive content”, or “Like us on Facebook to get our latest updates”.

Brand Your Social Media Profiles

In a sea of sameness, it is important to set your company’s social media presence apart by branding your accounts to match the look and feel of your website. If your social media profiles are consistently branded, people are more likely to recognize and remember your firm. You can effectively brand your social media profiles by using consistent images as profile and cover photos and using the same font and colors across the board.

The “voice” you use is also important because it reflects the personality of your brand. Your brand’s voice is the tone and style you use when writing content and communicating on social networks. The voice you use in social media should be consistent with the voice you use on your website/blog. A professional services firm’s voice could be witty, casual, corporate, creative, conservative, etc. Determine what voice works the best for your firm and then instruct anyone who writes for your website or social media accounts to use that voice consistently.  

Engage and Interact on Social Networks on a Regular Basis

It’s essential to regularly interact and engage with the appropriate niche groups on social networks if you want social media marketing to truly benefit your firm. Like any in-person networking event, your goal shouldn’t be to just promote your firm – aim to share your expertise, add value, connect with people, and build relationships. When appropriate, link back to other people’s relevant articles and blog posts while writing your own content. With slow and steady effort in social media marketing, your website will gradually get more traffic and become a hub of activity.

Incorporate Social Media into Your Website with the Help of efelle

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