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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on April 24, 2014

Holistic Isn't Just for Hippies: Integrating Your Online Marketing for Better ROI

Holistic Isn't Just for Hippies: Integrating Your Online Marketing for Better ROI

Holistic Isn't Just for Hippies - Integrating Your Online Marketing Strategy for Better ROI

A holistic approach to online marketing improves conversion and enhances brand recognition.

Every blog publisher and e-commerce website owner has a deep and abiding interest in online marketing, as well they should. In launching a marketing campaign, it’s important to choose the right media and formats to reach their best audience. But the way you orchestrate your marketing mix matters.

The Evolution of Fragmentation

Companies are increasingly worried about fragmented marketing messages. The first cracks started to show when the internet split marketing channels between online versus bricks-and-mortar. Website marketing moved into content marketing and social media marketing. Then, all of these fractured into mobile marketing. Many businesses don't yet even have a mobile website, much less e-commerce plans to address the unique needs of mobile devices. It’s no wonder. With this growing fragmentation, marketing budgets are being stretched in too many directions with little to show for it.

Traditional vs Online Marketing

Before the web, if a business owner wanted to advertise a clothing store, let’s say for an upcoming holiday, they would advertise on TV and radio programs, run a full-page ad in the local newspapers or even rent a billboard. All of these communications began from a single campaign design, so the message was consistently repeated throughout.

Now, marketing media is expanded to include online ads, YouTube videos, Facebook campaigns, Twitter sessions, blog posts, press releases and more. Each of these venues require different formats and skill subsets. The only way to overcome this fragmented marketing space is to integrate messages by following the example of pre-web marketers, just on a bigger scale.

How to Overcome Marketing Fragmentation

Just as in traditional marketing plans, online marketing is far more effective if each channel works together and each builds on the success of the others. These media don't work alone in a successful campaign. They ideally work together. Successful online marketers use each as a piece of the entire promotion, integrating the marketing in a holistic way.

In practical terms, that means someone has to be at the helm, directing the campaign across a base of workers specializing in their skill sets:

  • Online ads
  • YouTube promotions
  • Social medial promotions (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
  • Public relations (press releases, interviews, building buzz)
  • Content marketing (on your blog and through writing for other blogs in your niche)

Meet regularly with your band of marketers to review plans and implementations to be sure the campaign’s initial design is being communicated consistently and effectively across all channels. As consumers hear your message consistently repeated across various channels, the message will be more effective while making your brand more recognizable.

Create an Integrated Online Marketing Plan

If your marketing plan looks fragmented or isn't showing good conversion rates, talk to efelle about how we can help you enhance and integrate your online marketing. Call us at 866.394.7520 or use our online contact form.