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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on January 25, 2012

5 Reasons Your Law Firm Needs a Professional Legal Website

5 Reasons Your Law Firm Needs a Professional Website

How can lawyers and attorneys benefit from a professional law firm website?

The law industry is rapidly changing. The Wall Street Journal has reported that there is one lawyer for every 270 people in the United States and that over 15 million lawsuits are being filed per year. As the number of lawyers keeps growing, and the need for each law firm to have a website increases, more and more template-based legal website generators are popping up. The legal industry is an extremely competitive sector, and especially in a large city like Seattle. This makes it essential that your law firm website stands out from the rest.

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1. Expand your brand online with a site that matches your law firm

Lawyers are no different than business professionals in their need for an effective marketing strategy. It's important that your law firm have a website that accurately represents your branding, desired client base, and office feel. For example, if your firm only deals with high profile or class action lawsuits, you wouldn't want your website to appear similar to a law firm that only deals with personal injury claims. That's why a professional website is essential. Design and competitor research can help isolate the components of your law firms' branding that will draw in potential clients' attention and convert their browsing into clicking.

2. Increase your exposure online to find new clients and cases

Search engine optimization is imperative within the legal sector. Companies like FindLaw that produce cookie cutter templates for law websites do not include any SEO best practices within their site designs. The FusionCMS content management system by efelle is built to promote search engine optimization inherently. Each page is defined with the proper page title, headings, and other components necessary for optimizing each page for search engines. With a professional website, you can target the keywords specific to your law firm, rather than the basic keywords that are extremely competitive and hard to rank within. Focusing on long-tail keywords, like Seattle personal injury attorney, instead of Seattle law firm, will help you figure out exactly what key phrases to target when writing content.

Law Firm Web Design by efelle

3. Increase efficiency and minimize backoffice support with contact forms

Lawyers spend hours on the phone filtering out clients that don't meet their budget needs or are not even looking for the type of law they practice. With an effective content management system that is not template-based, you can create a contact form with a clear call to action right on your homepage. By syncing this with your email, you can save time and money by filtering through to find the quality clients your firm needs to represent, rather than on the phone.

4. Show potential clients your legal expertise with a blog

A law firm website should also contain a professional blog module so that you may demonstrate your expertise through keyword targeted blog posts. Not only does this help your website be found by search engines for specific, yet relevant legal search terms, but it gives your firm the spotlight to assert their knowledge over a topic.

5. Use pull marketing to get more cases

Newsletter and email templates are a great way to utilize pull marketing. With the efelle CMS, all of the data from contact forms is stored in the system, so you can easily manage this data in order send targeted newsletters to potential and existing clients. This is a great way to manage customers and send them deals, and updates about your company.

How can efelle design YOUR law firm a Professional Website TODAY?

At efelle, we know how to create professional lawyer websites, and we give you the tools to manage it on your own, very busy schedule with our FusionCMS content management system. You'll have to ability to do all of these essential pieces of legal marketing, like blogging, providing fresh content, and creating contact forms. We want to help your firm start standing out from the rest and getting the clients you NEED. Call us today or set up a free consultation online. 206.384.4909