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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on August 14, 2012

7 Ways to Grow Your Ecommerce Website's Sales and Revenue

7 Ways to Grow Your Ecommerce Website's Sales and Revenue

Make an enormous difference to your ecommerce website's bottom line.

Grow Your Ecommerce Website's Sales and RevenueAs more and more people shop online and the ecommerce industry expands, the amount of competition just continues to increase. To stay afloat in today's cutthroat market and cover rising operating costs, ecommerce businesses need to make a consistent effort to boost sales and revenues. Here are 7 ways to do just that.

1. Make your ecommerce website clutter-free and easy-to-navigate

Ecommerce websites can be overwhelming because they contain so much information. Make it easier for your customers to find and buy what they want by simplifying your site's navigation and ensuring that your product categories are comprehensive and logical. Highlight popular product ranges and hide less popular product ranges. Additionally, limit product information to a photo, description, and price. Move any additional information to a product details page so as not to distract and overwhelm shoppers.

2. Use cross-selling and up-selling

Cross-sell and up-sell items with copy that says something like, "Customers who purchased this product also bought..." or "You may also like these products..." to expose customers to similar and complementary products.

3. Make sure that your shopping cart stands out

A shopping cart is essentially an ecommerce website's call-to-action. Without it, customers cannot buy anything. To maximize your ecommerce website's sales and revenues, make your shopping cart as prominent as possible. You can do this by using shopping cart buttons that are a different color from the rest of your site and showing the number of items that are currently in a customer's shopping cart.

4. Sell more to existing customers

Many ecommerce businesses put all of their energy into acquiring new customers and fail to market to their existing customers. There are several ways to generate additional revenue from your existing customer base, including collecting their email addresses at checkout and emailing them special offers, running aggressive promotions via social media, creating a loyalty program or offering daily deals to entice customers to keep coming back.

5. Feature large photos of your products

Feature large, clear shots of your products on your ecommerce website. People can't see your products in person, so it's important to show them exactly what they're going to get. Professional photography is worth every penny because your ecommerce website's product photos have the potential to make or break sales.

6. Increase prices

Increasing your prices by a small percentage is a tried and true method for boosting revenues. There's a chance that you could lose out on some sales but that chance is small if the price increase is barely noticeable.

7. Communicate why customers should do business with you

Ecommerce customers are bombarded with options. But the reason why the little guys are still able to compete with well-known brands is because they offer added value. Clearly communicate your company's unique selling proposition (USP), so customers can see the benefits of doing business with you. Some examples of USPs in ecommerce include a free gift for orders over a certain amount, free shipping for orders over $50, a price match guarantee, and the option to pay in cash upon delivery.

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