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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on November 17, 2014

Are You Blogging Enough?

Are You Blogging Enough?

Are You Blogging Enough?

Don't forget this cheap and powerful form of online content marketing. 

Effectively reaching an internet audience can be tricky, especially when most people are jaded by the constant influx of spam emails and banner ads that seem to only get clicked by accident. If you’re like most businesses, then you probably send a monthly email newsletter to a big list of past and prospective clients in hopes of catching a few bites. There’s nothing wrong with that, and at worst these types of emails help remind people that a) you’re still here and b) you’re ready to do business. But how do you recapture the attention of the most cynical consumer? The answer is simple: blogging.

If you’re doing it right every aspect of your web presence is integrated, from you social media accounts to the company webpage. This helps keep potential clients from falling through the cracks. Blogs are a central part of this strategy because they allow you to catch a client’s attention in one medium, like Facebook, and ultimately redirect them back to your website. This isn’t to say that more traditional web advertising practices can’t do something similar, but blogs stand out because of the room for creativity that they offer.

How can a blog work for you?

Regardless of the products or services you provide, a well-written article about a topical news story or current industry trends is likely to draw in consumers apprehensive of typical “Buy  it Now” advertising. The best outcome here is redirecting the consumer to your website for a sale, but it’s not blogging’s only advantage. Even if you write a simple personality profile to celebrate a new addition to your team, blog content is a useful tool to mold and cultivate your brand’s image while adding a human touch. If a reader likes your article they’re also likely to share your material with their network, effectively recasting your marketing “net.” The key to success with blogging is finding the niche that your brand’s image occupies and running with it in a clever and personal way.

I’ll give you a real life example. While browsing Facebook, I recently came across a “news article” that talked about the scary, microscopic creatures inhabiting the dirt particles embedded in my home’s carpet. Intrigued, I had to click the article and read more about the tiny bugs that had apparently invaded my house. Not until the very end did the author divert his attention from bugs to the technological advantages of a certain vacuum brand’s suction power. The article ended with a delicate mixture of salesmanship, humor, and a link to the company’s site with coupon attached. Even if I won’t be buying a vacuum anytime soon, the frank novelty of the story left a lasting impression.

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