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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on September 20, 2012

Are Images on Your Home Builder Website Optimized for SEO?

Are Images on Your Home Builder Website Optimized for SEO?

Make sure your home builder website’s images are optimized to receive search engine traffic.

Once you set up your home builder website, you may be wondering what else you could tweak to improve your website’s search engine rankings. One area of SEO that many home builders ignore is image optimization. If your images are optimized, they will rank well in image search as well as in regular search, helping to drive more traffic to your website.

Buy the Best Photography You Can Afford

In order to create positive emotional experiences that convert prospective buyers into leads, invest in the highest quality photography you can afford and optimize the photos for search engines. The photos have to be powerful enough to move prospective buyers from behind their computers to your sales office. If your photos are of poor quality, people will go on to assume that the homes you offer aren’t worth checking out.

Re-Size High Resolution Images

Re-size high resolution images so they load quickly because search engines give preference to sites with fast load times. Just avoid using images that are too small.

Create Filenames That Include Your Target Keywords

When creating filenames for your images, make sure that they describe what’s pictured. Separate different keywords in the filenames with hyphens. Using hyphens in keyword-rich image filenames is important from a user-friendliness perspective. It also increases click-through rates. Keyword-rich filenames help search engines determine the relevancy of your photos.

Create Descriptive Alt Text

Search engines use alt text to determine what your images are about. Alt text should reflect your images’ content and reinforce target keywords.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Many home builder websites stuff the captions, filenames, and alt text of their images with target keywords but doing that is frowned upon by search engines and could even get your site penalized. Remember: delivering a positive user experience is just as important as achieving high search engine rankings.

Saturate the Web with Your Photos

Cross-post your optimized photos to social media sites like Facebook and Flickr to increase the chances that your photos will appear in search results. You can also upload your best photos to your home builder company’s Google Places page. If you saturate the web with photos of your homes and link back to your site whenever possible, you’ll drive a larger number of homebuyers to your website.

Enhance Your Home Builder Website with efelle’s Online Marketing Services

efelle offers fully-customized, search engine-friendly home builder websites that help you generate more leads and sales from the web. Our home builder websites reflect your company’s branding and message and boast enhanced image galleries that let your photos do the selling. The more information and photos you provide on your website, the less time you’ll spend meeting with potential buyers who aren’t a good fit. For more information or to set up a free consultation, give our home building marketing specialists a call at 206.384.4909 or fill out our online contact form!

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