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Rebecca Blake Posted by Rebecca Blake on September 16, 2019

Brand New Headless eCommerce Website Design Project Launch for XKGLOW

Brand New Headless eCommerce Website Design Project Launch for XKGLOW

We Recently Delivered a New eCommerce Website Redesign for XKGlow

You’re going to love this glow up for XKGlow. The team at XKGlow is composed of car lovers, bike riders, and all around passionate people. They began their business in 2009 with the believing the industry was filled generic design and low quality lights. Their business took off with their highly tested and specifically designed lights taking over the industry. 


Headless Commerce Puts Content First

We created XK Glow with their content at the forefront of our minds throughout the entire design and development process. With their loads of video, photos and interactive gifs, we wanted developed and designed their site to show it off. 

The XKGlow website has a lot of animation on it, which matches the branding of their social media pages and creates an omnichannel experience. We designed hotspots on some of the products, to show off the versatility of the project and the numerous different places you can use the product. Users are able to see the exact product used on the photo and shop from there. 


One of our favorite pages is the the XKChrome app page. On this page, we were able to design the site to show off the different features of the app and how it can be used to control the colors, style, and frequency of your XKGlow lights through an interactive scroll.

eCommerce Development & User Generated Content

We wanted to go with a headless approach for this website, so we partnered with BigCommerce to power the eCommerce engine, while FusionCMS, a robust Content Management System, allowed us to design and develop the homepage around the content. 

With BigCommerce, we are able to build stores that have a powerful eCommerce engine along with lots of customizable apps. Through the app store, we included an Integration with Trustspot for reviews and customer images. This includes the ability to tag products in user's Instagram images, creating a smooth omnichannel experience.


With over 22k followers on Instagram, we knew the website would get a lot of traffic from that medium, so we wanted to make sure that it was a smooth omnichannel experience. Under the page #XKGLOW, the team is able to pull in their own photos from Instagram, as well as tons of amazing user-generated content (UGC) that they can then tag with their products. 

Is your website ready for a glow up? Looking for your an eCommerce website redesign? 

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