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Rebecca Blake Posted by Rebecca Blake on February 06, 2020

Thrilled with New Logo and eCommerce Website for our Clothing Brand Client, Dainty Jewells

Thrilled with New Logo and eCommerce Website for our Clothing Brand Client, Dainty Jewells

Feminine & Classy Clothing Reimagined with Dainty Jewells' New Site

At the age of 16, Charity Walter began designing and sewing dresses and garments for her and her friends, and soon decided to start a business out of it. With a range of custom-designed dresses, swimsuits, girl's clothing, and even bridal clothing, the clothier has garnered quite a following of women and girls who desire a classy and elegant style without giving up a unique sense of style. 

Blueprint to Stencil 

The team at Dainty Jewell’s initially reached out to our team with the goal of moving from the Blueprint to Stencil theme on BigCommerce. With this move, they wanted to optimize their mobile site as well to make it easier to use. 

We updated the site to Stencil theme with a headless approach, which allowed us to focus on custom design and content to really show off the brand of Dainty Jewell’s. 

Logo Redesign

As we began the website redesign, it was clear that the previous Dainty Jewell’s logo wasn’t fully representing where the brand was at. Our design team worked with Charity and her team to create multiple refreshed versions of the logo, keeping the silhouette, but playing with different shadowed options and updating the font. 


Overall, we ended up with a beautiful new logo that speaks to the feminine and classy nature of the brand. 

Clothing Tag Design 

In order to keep the branding consistent, we then began work refreshing different physical assets of the brand, most importantly the drop tags that go on each of the dresses. Like many clothing brands, the packaging is an important part of the customer experience, and the Dainty Jewell’s clothing is no different. The new tags are designed to be flexible yet feminine to match the brand. 


Website Redesign 

After the logo was finalized, our designers began work on the website. The goal was to create a site that stayed consistent to the brand but also adjusted well to the seasonality of the brand - making the design flexible, without giving up the custom aspects. 

Throughout the site, there are small embellishments, similar to the Dainty Jewell’s dresses, that add elegance and femininity to each page. 

With plans to continue to grow, we designed several custom templates for the wedding section, brand ambassadors, and more. 


We’re excited to partner with Charity and the Dainty Jewell’s team to continue their growth and help them break into new markets by developing an ongoing marketing strategy.
To read more about the full process, read our portfolio entry here. 

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