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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on December 06, 2022

Construction Company Websites: Best Practices For Recruitment

Construction Company Websites: Best Practices For Recruitment

When it comes to your construction company website, one of the most important goals of your site is to recruit a team of employees that will fit your company culture, match your needs, and stay with you long-term.

For any AEC website redesign, there are certain best practices you’ll want to follow to ensure that you’re attracting the right candidates to your business.

We’ve designed and developed countless websites for construction companies over the years. Here are a few things we’ve learned in that time.

Establish Your Construction Company’s Brand Values

A lot of companies think of branding as just the brand colors and logos. Those are important, but with the hiring side of things, your company values will also need to communicate what you stand for.

As you establish your company values, it can be helpful to think of your company as a person. If your AEC company was an individual, how would people describe them? What would they care about?

Try to be more specific than just saying “integrity” or “hard work.” Those are great words to use, but they’re so overused that it’s hard to say what they really mean to differentiate you from your competitors.

Aside from just coming up with the words themselves, think about how you would describe them further. What does it really mean to your company to be trustworthy or innovative? It can be different for different people.

The reason these values matter for recruitment is that you want your ideal potential employees to value the same things your construction company does.

Once the brand values are established, make sure you’re communicating those clearly on your company website. You can add them to the About page or even on the Homepage.

Incorporate Digital Marketing Tactics

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. A good website means nothing if no one knows it exists. You have to drive people to your site.

One of the first ways you’ll want to think through doing this is with SEO. Make sure you’re using all the SEO features of your website and that your content is optimized for job seekers.

You can also start incorporating social media platforms like LinkedIn, TikTok, or Facebook. It’s likely that your ideal employee is using social media in their spare time. You’ll want to think through how you can show up to them while they’re using these platforms.

Email marketing can also be helpful, especially once someone is in the interview process. Make sure you’re sharing more about the company via email, checking in with people who you haven’t heard from, or even checking in on people who may have taken another offer a few months back. If your website is collecting email addresses from potential employees, you have a lot of opportunities to follow up with them. Plus, these emails can be automated!

You may also want to consider digital advertising. That could be on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and beyond. These sites have a lot of capabilities when it comes to targeting people you really want to reach or even reconnecting with people who visited your careers page on the website.

Storytelling On Your Construction Company Careers Page

When it comes to the Careers page on your construction company website, you’ll want to focus on distinguishing your website from your competitors. The Careers page can end up having the same content across companies, so one way to make it stand out is through storytelling.

Storytelling just means that you’re painting a picture of what it’s really like to work at your company. That might be sharing a video that shows what it’s like on a job site or an interview with a long-term employee.

You want someone to be able to look at your careers page and really get an idea of what their day-to-day life would look like if they worked for you. People want to know before they waste time with the interview process if your company is really what they want to commit their time to.


Communicate For The Current Market

If you’re struggling to hire, you’re not alone. It’s a worker’s market. Workers have plenty of options, and that means you really have to sell yourself to get the cream of the crop.

Include what benefits you offer and, preferably, what you pay. People want to know right away if you’re worth putting in an application. This can help filter out people who wouldn’t want to work with your company based on the pay.

Aside from the general benefits package, talk about some other benefits that employees get. That can include positive company culture, safety commitments, training programs, and growth opportunities. People want to know how it feels to work with you. Sometimes, that can matter more than the pay.

Do your best to paint a picture of the entirety of what your company is offering. That could include videos, photos, or more. Make sure you’re also linking to your social media profiles on your site. These are great places to share even more of what it’s like to work with you.

In fact, if you do enough to communicate your company’s lifestyle, you won’t have to worry about job retention or getting job offers accepted. The more a person knows about your company before applying or starting to work with you, the more likely they’ll be prepared for the opportunity that you offer.

Showcase Your Construction Work On Your Website

You might think that having a gallery of the work you’ve done is just for potential clients. However, potential employees may also benefit from seeing the type of work you have done.

People want to feel proud of the work they're doing, and that means knowing that you’re working with the types of clients that potential employees want to brag about.

This can also showcase the type of skills that your team will be able to develop with the added benefit of showing your team at work.

The more you can get a potential employee to envision what their life would be like working for you, the more likely you’ll get people to apply who want that type of work.

Need To Optimize Your Construction Website?

If you’re looking to really improve your recruitment efforts in 2023 and beyond, you’ll want to make sure your website is optimized for what today’s employees are looking for. It’s best to start thinking about the now so that you’re not behind your competitors. Reach out to us if you want your construction company website to really shine.