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Kerry Sweeney Posted by Kerry Sweeney on June 18, 2020

Design Details We Love from Juniper Flower's eCommerce Website

Design Details We Love from Juniper Flower's eCommerce Website

The Design Details We Love About Juniper Flowers eCommerce Site

Juniper Flowers is a Seattle based floral shop that designs and creates beautiful bouquets and other floral arrangements that’s been serving the area for over 16 years. We launched their site earlier this year to help allow for easier online ordering and overall help them tell their story better online. 

Not only was it fun to design a website inspired by the floral creations of Juniper Flowers, but the team at Juniper was so fun to work with and we’re excited to see how their business grows. 

We wanted to highlight a few of our favorite design details on the site that really bring it to life and give the website character that reflects the fun brand. 

Brushstroke Masthead Transitions

The team at Juniper Flowers goes the extra mile to design beautiful and creative arrangements, and we wanted to reflect their creative nature throughout the design. On every page you’ll see a soft brush transition on the masthead image, softening the transition and giving it a creative flair. 


Drawn Flower Accents

With an abundance of beautiful flower photos throughout the site, we wanted to have a few areas that still spoke to the brand but didn’t overwhelm the user with real-life photographs. Our solution was to create drawn flower accents used subtly throughout the site in areas where there is a concentration of information. It’s also used as the newsletter sign up on the site. 


Mix of Serif & Script Fonts

The brand font for Juniper Flowers is a serif font, which we wanted to use throughout the website design. To bring in a fun and feminine accent, we decided to use a script font to highlight specific words. We used it so that it would remain only as an accent font, but still bring a fun look throughout the site. 


High-Quality Photos

While not a design detail itself, the high-quality photos provided by the Juniper Flowers team lends itself well to the design and really shows the importance of having quality photos. You'll see a website design that matches their brand, which is a focus on creative, fun floral design.

We’re excited to continually partner with Juniper Flowers on digital marketing initiatives and for our OWN office floral arrangments and deliveries...if you’re looking for a beautiful floral arrangement, be sure to check the site out!

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