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Kerry Sweeney Posted by Kerry Sweeney on July 24, 2019

Does Your Business Need a New Logo?

Does Your Business Need a New Logo?

Are you wondering if it's time for a logo refresh? Answer these 7 questions to find out.

Your logo is your businesses public face. It’s the most notable front facing part of your business and tells people who you are in just a glance. Everywhere you look, you’ll see logos - in your office, scattered throughout the city, and all throughout products in your own home. We put emphasis on having a high quality and well done logo. 

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if it’s time for a new logo, so we created a list of 7 questions you can ask yourself as a sort of litmus test to decide if you need a new logo. 

1. Are you able to use your logo in a horizontal and vertical matter? 

Is there just one version of your logo? Having a few options, similar to how Taylor Shellfish does, gives you options for how to use it. For some businesses it’s beneficial to have an icon version of your logo. 


2. When was the last time you redesigned your logo? 

Was the last time your logo was designed the inception of your company 20 years ago? Chances are styles have changed and the lack of a logo evolution can make you look dated to your customers. 

3. Have you been updating other parts of your brand? 

A lot of our logo designs often begin after we begin the redesign process for a website. We put the old logo on the newly designed site and suddenly our clients see the hidden potential their business branding can have. If you’re updating different parts of your brand, it might be time to take advantage of these changes to make a difference  

4. Is your logo hard to use? 

Do you have a dark logo that’s hard to print on flyers you print often? Was it designed to show well in a Yellow Pages ad, but not on your Facebook or Instagram? It doesn’t have to be a struggle when your logo is designed with your uses and goals in mind. 

When we worked with Programetrix on their rebrand, we were able to understand the different uses of their branding and logo. When we found out they'd be doing a lot of print work, we created a logo and branding assets that would work well on assets like proposals, pitches, and reports. 


5. Was your last logo a DIY project? 

Did a friend of a friend or your coworkers nephew create your logo on Microsoft paint? It was probably nice for awhile, but giving way to have a professional step in and create your logo can really show off the professional level of service or tell your brand story. 

6. Has your business grown or changed? 

Since your business started, you’ve probably grown or evolved as a business. Maybe it’s your product or service offering, maybe your company culture has shifted with a growing staff, if there's been a big shift in your business, your logo should reflect the changes you've made. 

7. Are you self conscious about your logo compared to your competition? 

Do you constantly feel self conscious about your own brand when you see what you’re competing against? If you don’t think your logo stacks up to the competition, it might seem like your entire business is falling behind. 

On our logo redesign for Salus Saunas, we learned from the team over there that they felt they'd not only outgrown their old logo, but that they didn't think it was up to par with the other companies in their vertical. 


Things to consider in a logo redesign: 

Is your logo identifiable among your audience? 

Sometimes our clients are afraid of redesigning their logo because they don’t want to confuse their clients. There are definitely ways to offer a sort of refresh - similar to many of your favorite logos like Microsoft and Apple. Offering your clients a fresh look and feel doesn't have to be done by a totally new redesign.

Where will people see your logo most? 

Are you hoping to put your logo on a product? On the door of your business? On your business card? On shirts? Napkins at a restaurant? On a digital ad? It’s important to consider where your logo is going to be seen the most. When we redesign logos, we will work with the business to best understand where it will be seen and mock-up our revised logos on those formats so they’re best seen. 

Do you have your logo in all the formats needed? 

Is the logo you’re currently using a screenshot from your website? Or is there one size PNG file that you’re using? To portray your business professionally it’s important that you have the right formats of your logo file to be used - whether it’s digital or print, there’s different requirements.

In the end… if you’re asking this question it probably means you need at least a logo refresh. Trust your gut feeling - it’s gotten you this far in business! If you think it’s time, it probably is. 

Need some guidance on your current logo?

Whether you want to talk through some logos you love or still aren't sure if you need a new logo, our team would love to help. Reach out via our contact form or call us at 206.384.4909 and one of our Digital Strategists will offer a free consultation and talk through your current logo situation and offer some advice.