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Rebecca Ossello Posted by Rebecca Ossello on May 26, 2020

eCommerce Website Design for CPG Brand Picnik Creamers!

eCommerce Website Design for CPG Brand Picnik Creamers!

We’ve Launched A New Shopify Site for Picnik Brands Creamer!

Picnik was founded in Austin, Texas in 2013 by Naomi Seifter, who wanted to create a health-food haven with a comfort food vibe that showed her guests that eating well doesn't have to be bland or boring. As her popularity grew, she converted some of her best recipes into products to sell all over the country. Today, you can find Picnik creamers throughout Whole Foods, Sprouts, HEB, Target, and Kroger.

With this growing traction, the team at Picnik wanted to create a site specifically for the creamers to make it easy for users to make a purchase while reminding users of their mission: make your coffee count. 

Project Objectives

With the growing popularity of their brand as well as people seeking functional health products, it was important to have a site dedicated solely to the creamers. The ultimate goal is to increase the eCommerce presence of Picnik, so we kept the products and increasing conversions at the forefront of all of our work. 

Shopify Website Design 

Using Shopify allowed us to build this site out with the products at the forefront of the design. The goal was to design a site that was focused on conversions while also providing educational content and a highly branded experience, so we mixed in lifestyle and product imagery and even added in some illustrations throughout the site to keep a fun and branded feel. 


The site focuses on the products immediately from the homepage, providing featured products, but then delving into the benefits as you scroll down for users unfamiliar with the products. For further educational content, we created an “Ingredients Matter” page that highlights each of the different functional ingredients on the site, from MCT oil to grass-fed butter to collagen, there are a plethora of functional ingredients we wanted to cover in an informative yet still branded way. 

These benefits from the ingredients are pulled in to the product detail pages, where we pull in specific benefits for each creamer, as well as recipes using that flavor and testimonials from real customers. The product pages do the work to cover all the bases in sharing any and all information a user may be seeking. 

eCommerce Development

We were excited to build this site onto the Shopify platform, which was perfect for the Picnik team who was looking for a site that would fit their current product line but also allow them to grow. They’re able to easily add new products, update any new benefits, and change out content on the site.
One of the benefits of Shopify is the huge variety of apps they have available to allow for almost endless functionality. For the Picnik team, we worked with them to figure out any apps they were currently using, desired functionality, and which ones would work best for them and help them scale their growth. 

We’re so excited to see how the Picnik team uses their new website to grow their business! At efelle, we’ve been able to try their delicious creamers and we can tell you… they’re going places. Our coffee officiandos - as well as health nuts -  approved of the delicious creamer. Be sure to check out their beautiful new site and pick up a few creamers while you're there... we promise you won't be disappointed. 

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