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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on December 21, 2010

eCommerce Website Redesign Announced

eCommerce website redesign Announced

Seattle Web Design firm Efelle Media has been picked by JAVOedge as their website design and development partner for their upcoming website redesign project. 

 “We’ve been growing faster than our technology and now have gotten to a point where our growth is going to be dependent on the changes we make to our website and how we do eCommerce.” Were the concerns of JAVOedge Founder and CEO Sam Ngai. The Bellevue based retailer has found an impressive niche’ in the portable device market and after several years of internally developing their site found value in moving to a custom eCommerce solution that could tie together the different tiers that they needed to utilize. “We have products that are usable with several different devices. We need something powerful enough to make sure you can get to see everything we have to offer on the site without having redundancies. Something easy to manage and database driven is a great solution.” 

In addition to the overall site design Efelle Media will also be integrating JAVOedge’s shipping with the USPS, in a move that JAVOedge sites as fundamental in their business model “Many of the products that we ship are actually smaller and lighter than the boxes that we would have to ship them in. The ability to use a simple service like the USPS lets us ship individual products more affordably and we can pass those savings on to our customers.”

Website Design for JAVOedge began in mid December and is slated to GoLive in early February. CEO Fred Lebhart was very excited about the partnership when asked about the project “We really see so much business at the end of the year with many businesses finalizing their budgets, it was great that we still had a production slot available to get this project live by the before the end of the first quarter.”

Some of the Challenges with their old website were:

·         Complex and difficult to display services and information
·         Was not Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
·         Design was antiquated and hard to navigate

Objectives of the new website

·         Easy to use eCommerce Website
·         Display services in a logical and appealing manner
·         Build relationships with our clients so we get repeat business

Products & Services Used in this Website Project:

·         FusionCMS Content Management System
·         CMS Dashboard & Real-Time Activity Log
·         Photo Gallery Module
·         BLOG Module
·         Social Media Plug-In for Content Syndication
·         Form Builder Module 

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