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Leslie Schipper Posted by Leslie Schipper on February 12, 2015

efelle Creative Launches New Catalog Website for HealthyBeeps!

efelle Creative Launches New Catalog Website for HealthyBeeps!

efelle is proud to announce our newest website project launch for Seattle based startup HealthyBeeps!

HealthyBeeps is a new review platform that utilizes their website as a resource for medical patients and providers. Founder Angela Hong said, “After being in the health industry, I’ve see a tremendous amount of digital health items being introduced to the ecosystem every month. Unfortunately, consumers are either not aware of or are not knowledgeable about these products. I’m hoping that the site serves as the first point of reference for consumers hoping to use health tech products to manage or maintain their health.” With both providers and consumers able to leave product reviews, users are able to find the best health technology solution that fits their specific needs, and providers can build their social presence by sharing their experiences and recommendations. hb1.png

HealthyBeeps Website Design and Development Needs:

As a brand new business, HealthyBeeps was looking for an innovative and clean website that would contain a great deal of information in a neat and organized way.  The new website is managed through our eCatalog platform, which makes adding new healthcare products easy and straightforward.  The organizing power of our eCatlog module allowed products to be organized into major focus areas to keep navigation easy for the user.  In addition, building custom filters lets site visitor search for specific products by cost, product type and purpose. We also utilized our Blog module as a way to engage visitors, showcase HealthyBeeps expertise and build SEO. Lastly, we made the website responsive to help enhance the user experience.  Our responsive website design  adapts its layout to the size of the device used to access the site, whether it is a desktop, tablet or mobile device.  Check out HealthyBeeps new site here! 

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