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Jason Shindler Posted by Jason Shindler on March 24, 2021

Four eCommerce Best Practices You Can Implement Right Now

Four eCommerce Best Practices You Can Implement Right Now

Easy Ways to Optimize Your eCommerce Website and Grow Your Revenue

When it comes to optimizing your eCommerce website, sometimes the littlest changes can make the biggest difference. While sometimes a full scale redesign is a necessity, sometimes you may just need to tweak a few things on your website to truly optimize it. Here's four easy practices to implement right away.

Include a Site Search on Your Website

Most templates and even custom-built sites have the option for merchants to turn on the search option or install an app onto their eCommerce website. It’s important to give users the option to be able to search your website so they can find exactly what they need. Installing a robust search option not only gives the opportunity to find the exact product they’re looking for, it also allows them to browse the site using more generic terms for your offerings. 

Install a Review Platform 

We love reviews. They’re such an important part of the buying process, we recommend including them to every client. Think about the last time you bought something, whether it was through Amazon or a website, you probably looked for reviews. You want to know what people liked, disliked, and any other notes about the product. If you care about it, then the probability is that your customers care as well. 

You have a few options - there may be reviews native to your platform that you can just turn on and customers can leave reviews as they like. There’s also awesome platforms like Yotpo that can automate the process for you -- as soon as a client buys a product, it automates a sequence of emails asking the user to review the product once it’s received and offer any other feedback they have. 

Reviews are an easy and smart way to optimize the buying process. 

Optimize Your Product Pages

When it comes to product pages, they’re one of the most important parts of the sales process, yet they’re often overlooked. Oftentimes, a quick product description and a few photos are uploaded, but it’s a huge missed opportunity to continue selling to your customers!

Here are a few of our favorite ways to beef up your product pages: 

  • Add more lifestyle photos 
  • Provide more informational content about the product
  • Include photos of different product colors
  • Dive into the details of the product 
  • Include specifications and measurements that are easy to find
  • Add reviews to your product page

Whether it’s expanding the entire page, adding more professional photos, or simply wordsmithing a few things, take the time to evaluate what’s missing from your product pages and get working on some new additions. 

Tell the User What to Buy 

If you have best selling products or a new collection you’d like to feature, you should highlight it throughout your site! By recommending products, you can move a specific line of product faster and even build trust with your customers when you recommend a product and they end up loving it. You have the control here, so if you have a product everyone loves, highlight it! That way, first time customers are going to have a great first buying experience.

There’s a lot of ways to make suggestions to users that you may be missing out on, meaning that you’re not using the trust you’ve built with your potential customers. Include a featured banner right on your homepage with 3-5 products.

  • Write a blog about your favorite items and why.
  • Highlight your cornerstone products on your masthead.
  • Create a separate collection called “Customer Favorites.”

Those are just a few of the ways you can direct your customers to some tried and true products. 

If you’re looking to boost your sales and optimize your site, follow these four tips and get your website going. 

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