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Tessa Wuertz Posted by Tessa Wuertz on November 09, 2020

Fresh Out of the Oven: A Beautiful New eCommerce Website for Snohomish Pie Co!

Fresh Out of the Oven: A Beautiful New eCommerce Website for Snohomish Pie Co!

Check Out Our BigCommerce Website Design & Build for Local Pie Bakery Snohomish Pie Co!

Nestled in the historic downtown of Snohomish, Washington, Snohomish Pie Company is a favorite for locals, tourists, and Seattlites alike. Their pies and other baked goods are made with high quality and locally sourced ingredients, making them mouthwateringly delicious. 

Website Design & Build Goals

The Snohomish Pie Co brand is both recognizable and captivating, with a friendly look and feel along with delectable looking baked goods. Their previous site didn’t show off either of these, so we wanted to create a site that better showed off the brand as well as better displayed their pies. 

Design Highlights

We were inspired by the local ingredients used, so we wanted to give a farmers-market type look and feel that showed off photos of their pies. The pies truly sell themselves when you look at them, so it was clear that we needed to highlight their amazing photos of pies. The design is clean enough to show off the pies, while also providing a branded experience, like if a customer was actually in one of their stores. 


One of our favorite parts of the site comes over the menu portion, where users can hover over different full pies that are then transitioned to single pieces - some a’la mode - showing the generous portions offered by Snohomish and fun interactivity for the user. 


Not only does Snohomish Pie Co. make delectable pies, they also make cinnamon rolls, cookies, pie shakes, and their infamous piescream. The old website didn’t do much to show off the pies, as well as some of these other amazing delicious baked goods, which are some major sellers. We designed the menu of the site to be easily navigable so that users could see both the pies, as well as these other baked goods. We created a whole “Baked Goods” portion of the menu that allows the Snohomish team to show off their different cookie flavors as well as the cinnamon rolls. The site is built so that if the team ever chooses to expand their offerings, they have the ability to add more products or even create a whole new menu. 


We designed the product pages to be sweet and simple, sharing large scale photos along with a quick description and a straightforward call to action to get users to pre-order their pie. We also created space to share more information about finding a location to visit in person and order pies in bulk for special events. 

Website DevelopmentPie-eCommerce-Website

The website is built with a combination of FusionCMS and BigCommerce to create a semi-headless configuration. This allowed us to create a custom design that put the content of the site at the forefront while creating a seamless transition over to a powerful eCommerce engine. 

Currently, the Snohomish Pie Co is only doing pre-orders for pickup during the holiday season, but have their eye on some growth in the future. With that in mind, we built the site to be flexible and scalable for growth. In the meantime, we created a custom calendar picker that allows users to choose one of the allotted dates and locations for pie pick up. 

The pies are amazing, the site is beautiful, and we couldn’t be happier to have partnered with Snohomish Pie Company on this website project. Read more about the build in our project portfolio and be sure to check out their beautiful new site!

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