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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on September 27, 2013

Getting Google's New In-Depth Articles to Work for Your SEO Efforts

Getting Google's New In-Depth Articles to Work for Your SEO Efforts

Getting Google's New In-Depth Articles to Work for Your SEO Efforts

The latest strategies in search engine optimization show the devil is in the markup details.

In the ever-evolving world of the internet, it comes as no surprise to learn that Google has once again changed the way it presents search results. A new search feature called “In-Depth Articles” aims to present timeless, thought-provoking, in-depth content for common search phrases. For experts in search engine optimization, there’s still an element of mystery surrounding the new feature and how best to manage it. But some tactics clearly make sense in light of the Google change.

The Need for Google’s Complexity

Manipulation of keywords, links and metadata forced Google to find increasingly complex algorithms designed to weed out content that served little purpose other than to advance the profits of the website generating it. Marketing tactics have evolved with these Google complexities to reach the balance of marketing and useful content we strive for today. While it’s not entirely clear how In-Depth Articles will advance Google’s goal of showing only the most relevant search results, it’s likely a response to the “evergreen” content strategy where just about every website in a niche now offers its own take on the same subject. In-Depth Articles creates a way to encourage only the best evergreen content.

Responding to the In-Depth Articles Feature

Google has made it clear they want pages that are thoughtful, detailed and grammatically correct. Pages with very little text or poorly written content that doesn’t follow the rules of grammar end up at the bottom of the search results pile. While most websites have overcome these obstacles, few have gone a step beyond and provided comprehensive, thoroughly researched and thoughtful content on topics that matter to the average person. If you want a chance to appear in search results as an In-Depth Article, you’ll have to take the next step.

Cover Your Bases and Use Your Noodle

Because no one really understands just which search terms attract In-Depth Article results, most recommend you cover your bases and go after the most logical targets. For instance, including some local information into your content is a great option for businesses with a local presence and a long history in the area.

If key personnel are graduates of local universities, or if the company has links with other reputable businesses or foundations in the community, then take the time to create a detailed article about the connection. This is just one option. But regardless of the content, it will become extremely important to focus on providing detailed, quality information.

You Can No Longer Avoid the Technical Details

Just having in-depth content probably won’t be enough. At this point, it’s becoming increasingly important to get help with the technical details so that your website communicates clearly with Google search algorithms. Experts recommend using markup code to clearly show your content’s relevancy to search engines.

We can help you master the new search engine optimization techniques brought on by In-Depth Articles.

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