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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on December 31, 2017

A look back at efelle's year in websites

A look back at efelle's year in websites

2017 was a year filled with seafood, legal, and eCommerce websites for efelle

As 2018 is starting off, it's a fun time for us to look back at the past year with a reflection of the last. In 2017 we created over 90 websites, learned a lot of new things, and added two more dogs to our office team. We chose a couple favorites we launched this year to display the different verticals our team gets the chance to work in.

This year has been filled with numerous legal sites, an unexpected amount of websites involving fish, and a lots of fun eCommerce websites. There are a lot of benefits to working in these multiple verticals, allowing our team to see a diverse range of needs, stay on top of trends in a wide variety of industries, and generally keep things exciting around the office. We chose three of our favorites from this year to show off these different verticals, but don't fret-- we love all of our clients and have a link to our portfolio at the bottom if you want to check out more!


Seattle Fish Guys

Located in the heart of the central district, Seattle Fish guys is a fish market and restaurant that offers many of the coasts beloved favorites. The goal of the new website was to offer a modernized website that allowed for eCommerce functionality, reflected the high quality of both the seafood and team at SFG, and create clear calls to action for visitors. The new website features vast amounts of imagery, unique typography, and the ability to easily purchase seafood online.



With over 88 years of experience, COJK intellectual property lawyers have a well known name in the Seattle area, and wanted a website to reflect that experience. Our design team utilized UX design to create more calls to action as well as guide each visitor to easily find what they are looking for. The website also features an updated staff page that shows the personable and relationship oriented nature of COJK.



As a tech consulting firm, Blueprint consulting was craving a website that showed off who they were and the fantastic work that they did. This new site utilizes bold yet professional colors, negative space, and clear navigation to articulate what Blueprint does and how well they do it. The black and white images of the team as well paired with the bright colors throughout not only displays the comradery of the team, but also their creativity to solve any problem they may be faced with.   

These are just a few websites from this year... head over to our portfolio page to check out more of our favorite websites!