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Marc Takeuchi Posted by Marc Takeuchi on September 29, 2015

How To Come Up With Post Ideas For Your Marketing Blog

How To Come Up With Post Ideas For Your Marketing Blog

Everyone launches a blog with the best of intentions and, they think, lots of ideas—but it’s always surprising how quickly you run through the brilliant topics you had chambered. And of course, you never feel farther from a great post than when you’re staring at a blank document, willing yourself into writing something witty and useful.

When you’re truly in a blogging rut, try one of these tips to jog your memory.

Read the news

A hot news topic can sometimes be exactly what you need to create blog fodder. Not only will the SEO be strong and the subject topical, it can also be your chance to really offer some thought leadership in your area of expertise.

Consider how your business intersects with what you’re seeing in the headlines, then write it out. Offering a new perspective on a big story can be a great way to flex your expertise and show your readers that you’re an authoritative research.

Reflect on recent events in your life or business

Imagine what you’d say if someone asked you “so, what’s new with you?” Maybe your business is expanding, or you’ve just made an exciting new hire. Are you trying out any new software or social media tools? Have you streamlined any of your processes lately?

These may not sound like great party banter at face value, but consider the larger matter at hand. If you’ve recently tested out a new email client, why? What problem were you having, and why do you think this will solve it? Is it a problem that your clients or associates might have had, too? It most likely is, and a blog post about your problem and how you’re solving it could really resonate, and give your readers some new ideas for fresh solutions.

Move around

Sometimes called “the shower principle,” there’s actually quite a bit of science to explain why it is that we often have our best ideas once we stop thinking about a problem and allow our minds to wander.

Additionally, exercise can help get your brain in motion; a 2014 study from Stanford found that taking a brisk walk can make you more creative. When you’re really stuck, take the opportunity to make a quick jaunt around the block. Not only will the movement help you feel physically refreshed, but you’re more likely to have an epiphany when you’re out for a stroll than when you’re glazing over in front of a screen.

Provide updates

Look at what you wrote about last year, or even a few months ago. Has anything changed? Is there more information? Keeping tabs on a developing story or ongoing topic is a great way to establish a regular beat. Your readers will learn that you’re a reliable source on that subject, and linking back to similar content can help drive SEO.

Raise the flag

It’s ok to ask for help. Whether it’s asking a fellow marketing professional (hello, we’re here to help!) or just quizzing your coworkers about what they might like to read, sometimes the best solution is to just get out of your own brain. Asking for help coming up with ideas isn’t a mark of failure—it’s a way to make sure your blog is representing a wide range of interests, tastes, and needs, and is directly targeted to your intended market.

Running a blog can sometimes feel draining, but when you know how to come up with an endless stream of bright ideas for topics (or at least, a pretty constant one), it’s much easier to be reliable and relatable to your audience.

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