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Tessa Wuertz Posted by Tessa Wuertz on August 12, 2020

How to Increase Conversion Rates on Your eCommerce Store

How to Increase Conversion Rates on Your eCommerce Store

eCommerce Website Design Optimized Using the Power of Artificial Intelligence

The thought of using artificial intelligence may seem like a daunting, futuristic task. For many, it’s an idea of the future but in reality it’s already here! Plus, it’s actually really easy to use - we promise. The power of AI allows you to better understand your users, and there are already some great platforms that harness the power for you to use. 

How does AI Work on Websites? 

In simple terms, the way most platforms use artificial intelligence is by gathering a ton of data from your visitors to see how they’re interacting with your site and then creating promotions, pop-ups, or messages based on this behavior.  

Here’s one way to think about it: having an AI-Optimization program on your site is like having a really well-trained salesperson working in your store. It’s someone who can read and know the social queues of your customer to know when to ask a question, offer a discount, or recommend an item. The “in-person” experience people love of shopping in a store can be achieved digitally with AI.

One of the nicest things about AI is that it’s a “set it and forget it”  type of technology. Once you enable and set up everything to match your branding and optimize how you’d like, you can let the AI work for you and help increase your conversions.

Of course, we recommend that you continue to optimize it and meet with your strategy team to continue to find the best options out there, but overall, the best part is that you aren’t constantly having to do a lot of manual upkeep yourself. 

What are some AI tactics to increase eCommerce conversions? 

There are many different ways to use AI on your website and it primarily depends on what your goals are and what type of product you’re selling.

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Encourage a higher-order value by strategically offering complementary products on the product page or before checkout by cross-selling and upselling. These are a great way to recognize what is in your client’s cart and recommend something you think they’d like that would go well with it! One prime example is if you’re selling any sort of tech that requires a charging accessory. You can offer the product as a cross-sell in a way that builds trust with the user by saying “hey we want to make sure you’ll be able to charge your new product - here’s a charger if you need one!” 

Exit Offers

Presenting an exit offer is a great way to stop abandoned carts before they happen. AI can detect when a user is about to leave a site based on their mouse movements, and as they’re moving, the exit offer can pop up and try to save the user by offering some sort of incentive to stay on the site or at least gather their contact information so you can contact them later.


Banners & Pop-Ups

Create relevant banners and pop-ups to entice users to make a purchase from the start. Banners can provide universal information like “Sale Ending in 1 Day” or even “Free Shipping if You Spend $50!”. Banner pop-Ups can enrich your brand experience by showing shortcuts to purchase or even offer recommendations to your customers about a specific product. 

Email Capture

Another great way to use pop-ups is for capturing emails. Right off the bat you can capture emails for future marketing opportunities by publishing a pop-up. Some companies like to offer a discount for signing up, while others don’t offer a discount outright, but promise to provide first access to sales, future products, and more. 


Gamification & Spin to Win

One of our favorite ways to use AI is by using gamification. What is gamification, you may ask? It’s a way to pique your users’ curiosity by offering a sort of “game” for them to play on your website for a discount or giveaway. The user spins the wheel and to receive whatever they win, they must enter their email. This allows you to begin a relationship with them and they are more likely to buy due to their discount!

How Do You Implement an AI Platform? 

There are some great ways to use AI, but one of our favorite platforms is JustUno! We’ve previously mentioned it as one of our favorite BigCommerce apps, and there’s a reason for it!

“The customer journey is just that, a journey. Utilizing an AI platform to enhance that journey is a highly efficient tool for a merchant, and in many cases, a relief for the visitors who crave a more tailored experience”

- Rob Hammet, Director of Solutions at Justuno

At efelle, we thoroughly vet all of our partners to make sure that what they offer truly will help our clients. When it comes to offering an app that is powerful enough to use AI but still easy to use for our customers to use, we love Justuno. 

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