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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on May 12, 2022

How To Tell The World That Your Business is ReBranding

How To Tell The World That Your Business is ReBranding

Companies consider rebranding for several reasons, typically to reflect a change in the company's mission or values.

A rebrand can help a company better communicate its values and mission to its customers and stakeholders.

Ultimately, a rebrand should be driven by a clear strategic vision and a desire to better serve the needs of the company's customers and stakeholders. A successful rebrand can help a company strengthen its brand awareness, differentiate from competitors, and drive growth and success.

There are several effective ways to communicate to the world that your company is rebranding:

  1. Website Updates: Our recommendation depends on if you're changing your name and website address or just updating your brand...if you have a new website address it's a great idea to get a landing page online to start the indexing process with search engines. We recommend showcasing your new logo, a summary of the organization and why you're rebranding. You can also build excitement by adding an email alert option so people can be notified when the new site is launched.

    If you're not changing your name and website address (URL), AND/OR once your rebranding is complete, update your website with information about the rebranding, including a new logo, color scheme, and messaging. We also recommend adding a page or blog post on why you made the changed --this will ensure that visitors to your website are aware of the changes and can easily understand the new brand and the purpose for creating it.
  2. Social Media: Social media is a powerful tool for communicating with a large audience quickly and easily. Use your company's social media accounts to announce the rebranding, share updates, and engage with customers and followers.
  3. Email Campaigns: If you have an email list of customers or subscribers, consider sending out an email campaign announcing the rebranding. Make sure the email is personalized, informative, and includes a clear call-to-action.
  4. Advertising: Consider running advertising campaigns to promote the rebranding. This could include social media ads, display ads, or even print ads in industry publications.
  5. Press Release: One of the most common ways to announce a rebranding is through a press release. This can be distributed to industry publications, media outlets, and social media platforms. Be sure to clearly explain the reason for the rebranding and highlight the changes that are being made.

Getting Ready to Launch YOUR Company's Rebrand?

Whatever approach you choose, be sure to clearly communicate the reason for the rebranding and emphasize the positive changes that are being made. This will help build excitement and momentum around the new brand.

You can also click here to download our resource, "How To Successfully ReBrand- A Strategic & Tactical Guide", or contact us for assistance!