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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on August 11, 2020

How to Use a Landing Page for an eCommerce Website Sale

How to Use a Landing Page for an eCommerce Website Sale

Sales are a great way to rid yourself of inventory, bring in some extra cash flow, and increase interest in your business. While providing a discount code or overall sitewide sale, there are obvious things you can do to increase awareness of the sale. There are a few typical marketing tactics to use: promoting via social media, emailing your newsletter subscribers, and creating onsite imagery to be right on your homepage. 

One of our favorite ways is using a landing page. Landing pages are the next step in optimizing your marketing for a sale. What is a landing page you may ask? 

Often used in advertising, landing pages allow you to create a more tailored space for users to land from an ad, email, or post. A landing page is more targeted and can help take away some obstacles or distractions that can happen when a user is looking for a specific product. 

Let’s say that your business sells outdoor clothing and you’re running an ad for rain jackets that use patented technology to keep people dry for longer. To truly optimize your users’ experience, rather than sending them to your homepage or category page, it’s best to send them to a landing page that shares about rain jackets and your patented technology. Using a landing page in this instance lets your users' shop, but also learn more about your technology and why your rain jackets are better than the competition. 

How Should You Use a Landing Page for Your Sale? 

When running a sale, there are lots of different ways to use a landing page or pages to optimize your sale on your eCommerce site. Depending on the type of sale, you can create a few different types of landing pages: 

Product Specific Landing Page

If you have a sale on a specific product, you can create a landing page to share details, specifics, and large imagery of the product. Spotlighting your products in multiple ways gives users more information about the product and the ability to learn more.

How to Use It:
Product-specific pages are great for ads or posts that are centered around the product. You can post on Instagram or Facebook with a photo of your specific product or detailed keywords and send it to the landing page. 

Category Pages Landing Page

Oftentimes, a sale will be around a specific category of products. Let’s go back to our jacket example. You can create a landing page using lifestyle imagery of products from the different categories, along with links to product photos that show off some specific products. 

How to Use It:
Slider images on Facebook and Instagram, along with email newsletters can send users to this page to explore more about the specific category of products. 

Business Focus Landing Page

If you’re having a sale throughout your site, you can create a landing page that shares more about your business as a whole and the value proposition that you offer. This type of page gives more background to users and provides them with a more emotional connection to your company. 

One example of how to use this type is if you have a partnership. At Kryptek, they partnered with Black Rifle Coffee Company and have a landing page dedicated to sharing more about the product, each company, and their partnership. 


How to Use It:
If you have an email list of new subscribers or users who haven’t made a purchase yet, sending them to a page to remind them about your business can be a good way to share more about your business and convince them to buy. If you’re doing more general awareness ads, you can also send them to this page to learn more. 

"Favorites” Landing Page

Another great option if you’re having a sitewide sale is to put together a few of your “favorites” onto a landing page and share why. The page can be simple with a picture of each product, why you love it, and a “Shop Now” button to take the user directly to the product page. 

How to Use It:
If you have trust built with your customers, then this is a great way to promote a sale. Maybe you sell clothes and want to share “Stylist Picks” or hunting gear like our clients Kryptek and create a page called “Perfect Gear for White Tail Deer Hunting,” there are lots of ways to highlight your different options. 

A landing page is a great way to spice up your website, fill your sales funnel, and increase your conversions.
If you’re working with an agency, they can work with you to build out a flexible landing page that can be used and edited easily with new assets and products, giving you the ability to reuse it multiple times.

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