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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on September 03, 2019

How to Use Back to School Season to Kickstart Your Q4

How to Use Back to School Season to Kickstart Your Q4

A few of our favorite back to school traditions you can apply to your business today

When it comes to the fall, it’s not just kids that are getting back into the swing of things. After summer vacations, longer days in the sun, and a generally quieter workload, going into the fall is a kick-starter for many people. We think you can and should use the fall as a type of pseudo-new year to get yourself ready for most people's busiest season. 

As the back to school season is in full swing, use this time to reevaluate your own work, business, and strategies by following in the footsteps of students. We’re sharing our favorite back to school traditions and how you can use them as an adult to get your business back into go-mode.

You used to Reflect On Your Summer // Now... Reevaluate Your Goals 

As school comes to a start and summer ends, it’s always great to reflect on how you spent your time. Since most of us work during the summer, you can use this to see how you did. Did you have plans of things to get done over the summer that got pushed to the wayside? Are you hoping to reach a massive sales goal by the end of the year? Check in on your business goals to see if you're able to achieve them by the end of the year.

You used to Make New Friends // Now… Get To Know New People

School starting over is a great time to make new friends, and it can be as an adult too! Before the holiday season kicks in, take the fall time to head to a few networking events. Get to know new people and make those new connections as you head into the busy holiday season, you never know what potential lies in your new professional relationships!

You used to Buy New School Materials // Now… You Can Redo Your Marketing Materials

One of the best parts of heading back to school is the new notebooks, planners and backpacks. Once you have all the new materials you wonder how you made it with your old dated notebooks and last years G2 pen. The same goes for your marketing materials - think about the last time you upgraded them and if they need a refresh. Maybe you want to add some new info to your brochure, maybe you want a logo refresh, or maybe you want an entire new website, who knows? But take this time to evaluate your marketing materials. 

You used to Start Classes // Now... You Can Take A Class

You’re never too old to learn a new skill, and there are a plethora of classes, webinars, and eBooks you can download to learn something new. Whether it’s digital marketing for your law firm, or taking a community education class on Microsoft Excel, use this time as an opportunity for you to grow your skills and in turn grow your business. 

Are and your business ready for Q4 craziness? 

Do you think your business needs a refresh before the busy season? Let us know what we can help you with by reaching out to our team of digital strategists who can help guide you into your most successful Q4 ever.