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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on March 18, 2021

How to Use Landing Pages On Your eCommerce Website to Grow Your Business

How to Use Landing Pages On Your eCommerce Website to Grow Your Business

Grow Your eCommerce Business with Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great tool in your eCommerce toolbelt to help sell more and grow your revenue. That being said, it isn’t always clear the best way to use them and with time as a precious resource, it’s important that you’re doing them well and making the most out of your time creating them. Today, we’ll be walking through some ideas on how to use landing pages for your eCommerce website and sharing some tips on making sure they’re effective!

1. Highlight a Sale

One great way to use a landing page is to highlight a sale that you’re having. Oftentimes, sales tend to be by category, so you can use a landing page to highlight some of the best items that will be in the sale. You can share a few photos and links to the products so visitors can easily shop. You should also be sure to highlight the amount of the sale you’re running as well to get people excited.

One of the best parts about a landing page is that you can send the link to specific people, so if you wanted to, you could send out the sale information to your top customers and give them early access!

2. Give Away a Free Sample

People really love free samples and creating a limited-time deal or special offer on a landing page is a great way to do so. If you’re trying to get people to try your products or are looking to show off a specific deal, a landing page with a good deal is a great way to do so. By focusing on just the deal and not crowding it within the rest of your website, users are more likely to try it out. 

We often see this used by companies giving out free samples of their product, with users only paying for shipping. This is a great option for a few reasons. First, if your products are really that great, you may just hook people off that free sample! Secondly, you’ll get their marketing information either way so you can continue to market and sell to them with the information you’ve gathered.

3. Dive Deeper Into Your Product Details

Sometimes simple product pages don’t show off how truly awesome your products are. That’s where a landing page comes in! We like to think of landing pages as the second-best thing to a shopper seeing your products in person. With a landing page, you can use full-scale imagery, videos, and content to highlight different parts of your products and really dive into why it’s so great.
For example, say you make luxury sweaters and have a fan-favorite you want to highlight. With a landing page, you can blow up an image of your sweater and use hot-spots to highlight the quality of the fabric, the craftsmanship, and show off just how soft it is. From there, you can use the space to show the wide range of colors that your sweaters come in without users having to click through all the options. Finally, you can show off lifestyle photos and reviews of your sweaters to show just how much people love them. Just think of this type of landing page as a mini-sales pitch and let your imagination go wild.

4. Build Hype for a Product Launch

Launching a new product or product line is a really exciting thing, but sometimes it’s hard to get the word out to your customers. A landing page is a great way to do that. To promote your new line, you can create a landing page that shares more about the product, or gives sneak peeks of what users can expect if you’re not revealing it yet.
From there, you can prompt users to sign up to be first on the list to purchase, which is a great lead generation tactic because as soon as the product launches, you have a list of people already interested in your new product!

5. Direct Traffic Using SMM and PPC

If you’re not getting the traction you think you deserve on a landing page, consider a targeted social media or pay-per-click marketing campaign. You can target users based on the specific subject of your landing page and really nail down an audience. Landing pages are made to be direct sellers, so conversions can be very high when the right audience is targeted. If you’re not seeing the results you’d like through email or your regular means, consider a targeted SMM and PPC campaign.

Landing pages can truly be a powerful tool for your business when used correctly. They can push products, grow your marketing contact lists, and increase your revenue! They should be a must on any eCommerce marketers list.

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