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Rebecca Ossello Posted by Rebecca Ossello on May 17, 2019

Just What the Doctor Ordered - New Website Design for Dr. Baxter is Live!

Just What the Doctor Ordered - New Website Design for Dr. Baxter is Live!

Seattle Web Design Firm Launches New Website Design for Dr. Baxter

Dr. Richard A. Baxter is an award-winning author and board-certified plastic surgeon that is nationally recognized for being an expert in Revision Breast Surgery, anti-aging, and non-surgical procedures. What makes Dr. Baxter truly unique in the plastic surgery industry is his sensational passion for art. He brilliantly blends his passion for the abstract intricacies of art into the reality of a patient’s beauty. Dr. Baxter has established an exceptional reputation in Washington for using state of the art techniques and technologies to create natural looking results, making Dr. Baxter Western Washington’s Favorite Plastic Surgeon and an honorable mention in the Guide to America’s Top Physician. Dr. Baxter truly cares for each and every one of his patients. He believes that careful attention to detail and trusting relationships with his patients creates higher patient satisfaction and outstanding results.

Dr. Baxter’s Web Design & Development Details

We were lucky enough to work with Dr. Baxter on his previous website design and development project, so we were excited to work with him again to create a responsive website. The goal of this redesign was simply to update a few of the photos, create more space for Dr. Baxter's blog, news, and press, as well as optimize his site through SEO. 

One of the major design changes is the Before & After gallery in which we were able to include all images on the same page to give users an experience featuring fewer clicks. These gallery pages also link to the specific procedures offered by Dr. Baxter, so that potential clients can make the connection between the gallery and the service. For a further dive into our website project for Dr. Baxter, head on over to our portfolio entry and read more about this awesome project!

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