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Rebecca Blake Posted by Rebecca Blake on September 14, 2020

Launched: Website Redesign for Railroad Tech Company MeteorComm

Launched: Website Redesign for Railroad Tech Company MeteorComm

Website Design for Seattle Based Railroad Tech Company

Meteorcomm provides innovative solutions for the rail industry’s greatest technical challenges, achieving reliable, interoperable railway operations. 

The team at Meteorcomm first came to efelle creative hoping to redesign their site with the goal of creating a more modern look and feel. They provide state of the art technology for their users and wanted to be able to show off their innovative nature as well as walk through their products on their website. 

Website Design 

The design of the website is a healthy mix of large landscape train imagery and clean icons representing their technology. The main brand color is used throughout the site, with white as the accent to keep it clean and professional-looking, with a focus on the photos and iconography sharing about the product. 

Each service and technology has its own page to dive into further detail about it. With a lot of content and information being a necessity for users in the buying process, we made sure that it was broken out in easily digestible pieces. Service websites like Meteorcomms require special attention to page design, making them flexible enough for future use, while also custom-built around the current content.


With ongoing pieces of training of their technology, Meteorcomm wanted to include a calendar with the different pieces of training on the site. The calendar shows off the timing, location, and details of the training, and users are able to register for the training through the site. 

To learn more about the website development side of this project and dive into more design details, check out the portfolio entry for Meteorcomm

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