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Kerry Sweeney Posted by Kerry Sweeney on November 10, 2017

efelle Leads Rebrand for Luxe+Woods and Creates New eCommerce Website Design

efelle Leads Rebrand for Luxe+Woods and Creates New eCommerce Website Design

efelle creative Completes Rebrand and Redesign Project for Seattle Furniture Company Luxe+Woods!

By combining natural and unique design with luxury craftsmanship, Luxe+Woods offers one of a kind pieces that integrate nature into the home. Every piece made by Luxe+Woods is custom made and tailored to the wants of the client with highest quality craftsmanship. Edwin and Elizabeth obtained an existing furniture company in Bellevue and decided to rebrand themselves, approaching us to lead their rebrand process under the new company name Luxe+Woods. They create and sell live-edge wood custom tables as well as leather and other high-end furniture as well as "design your own" pieces. Edwin and Elizabeth work with everyone from homeowners redecorating, to trade professionals like interior designers, as well as do projects for commercial clients.


Design Notes

Edwin and Elizabeth came to us with the new name, but no other assets to show off the brand. Through brand strategy meetings we were able to help them create a brand identity and market position; from these efforts emerged a brand that is clean and timeless but that also speaks to the blend of high-end furniture as well as quality craftsmanship.


Through this branding process we were able to decide on the color palette of gold and black to offer a classic and luxurious vibe while maintaining the idea of urban designs. efelle created four different iterations of a logo then through developed the final one through a combination of the couple’s favorite elements of two.


efelle also created branded assets for the company to maintain a cohesive brand throughout all of their marketing materials. We were able to create business cards, postcards to send to clients, hang tags for in store, Facebook banners and a few other digital marketing materials so the company can now present a united and cohesive brand on all fronts.


On the side of functionality, Luxe + Woods wanted to have an online shopping platform that was user friendly and was able to show off the quality and detail of the furniture. The modern website we developed utilizes BigCommerce functionality allows for Luxe + Woods to reach a wider audience on a local and national level. Edwin and Elizabeth now have the ability to easily introduce or change their products while maintaining a clean and easy to use site on the consumers end. They are also able to have the custom functionality of “Design Your Own” pieces utilizing the slabs avaliable. 


This combination of the BigCommerce platform with our FusionCMS allows for great functionality on both ends. The design encourages sales while the functionality allows for Edwin and Elizabeth to easily manage new orders, shipping, and payments so they can focus on the creation and curation of their luxury furniture.

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