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Kiley Martin Posted by Kiley Martin on December 23, 2013

New Website Redesign Project for Predictive Social Intelligence Company, Blab Predicts

New Website Redesign Project for Predictive Social Intelligence Company, Blab Predicts

New Website Redesign Project for Predictive Real-Time Marketing Company, Blab Predicts

Seattle web design firm starts new web design and development project for predictive social intelligence company, Blab Predicts

eservice website design seattleBlab has created a platform that allows businesses to predict -up to 72 hours in advance- which social media conversations are going to be important. Giving clients the ability to steer trending content has allowed each of Blab's clients to consistently be one step ahead. Blab's unprecedented approach to conversation categorization and patterning gives marketers game changing consumer insights and predictive social intelligence. With an experienced and diverse staff, Blab plans to make an even greater impact in the technology world.

Blab's Website Design and Development Details

Blab is looking for a professional, modern, and highly branded website. Their new site will provide more product information in order to properly showcase their unique services and generate leads. Blab wants to convey the overall look, feel, and user-experience of the product experience into the web design experience. The site will be easy to navigate with a similar look and feel of their software branding and will highlight specific calls-to-action and enhanced SEO features. 

Blab's new website will be managed through our website content management system, FusionCMS, they'll be able to showcase their products while building organic search engine optimization. To provide comprehensive functionality within the website, we'll incorporate staff profiles, a news and tech savy blog, social media integration, and more.

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