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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on October 22, 2019

Our Favorite Tips on Marketing for Property Managers and Apartment Websites

Our Favorite Tips on Marketing for Property Managers and Apartment Websites

Here's Our Favorite Tips for Apartment Building Marketing

In Seattle, it's a familiar site, new buildings popping up everywhere, filling up with the thousands of new people that are moving to the city every week. These buildings are showing up all over town with hundreds of empty apartments and business spaces ready to be rented out. But in the age of everything digital, drop-ins are occurring less and less, and research beforehand is happening more. 

It’s clear that in this day and age people are tending to use websites more than just walk-ins as their first step, so your website is the first place they’re going to look to learn more about you. 

Show Off Your Space

When you’re asking people to make a place a home, they’re going to first want to be able to imagine themselves there. The best way to do so is galleries with loads of photos of each of the spaces. Having specific photos to each of your floor plans is key, along with other information about the space. 

Effectively Convey Your Brand 

Nowadays there’s a specific look and feel in every apartment complex. Some are coastal, some are higher end, some are cozy and feel like a cabin. That look and feel that you’re conveying through the design and decor should be shown on your website. Showing off the same vibe that you’re giving in your apartment complex can be done through custom design on your website.

Provide the Necessary Information in a More Exciting Way

Anyone can make a bulleted list of amenities, but someone made specific choices to add a pool, game room, and parking to the building so you should show those off in an interesting way. Using icons, photos, or even mock-ups can engage the user way more than a plain bulleted list. 

Our website for 1165 Eastlake shares the amenities through icons and uses panels to highlight the more desirable and exciting aspects of their amenities.  


Have a Chatbot for Easy Questions

Do you have a lot of people asking the same question to your team? Setting up an AI Chatbot or even a human-based chat during business hours can be a great way to start a conversation and get people engaged with your business. Making it easy to ask a question with a chatbot can differentiate you from your competition and get over the most difficult hurdle of first contact. 

Give a Feel of the Neighborhood

In a lot of cities, there are neighborhoods that give off different vibes depending on the restaurants and activities surrounding them. In some cases, people move specifically for the neighborhood, so showing off your proximity to the highlights, public transportation, and your overall understanding of the area is a great idea.

Show Off Your Helpful Nature

Showing there’s real people behind your business can be really helpful in making potential residents feel more welcome. Creating blogs that offer useful content - like “4 of our favorite take-out restaurants in the Capitol Hill,” or “Our favorite apartment friendly Ikea couches” are not only helpful and good for SEO, but also show that the people that work at your business can offer this kind of insight to the residents.

Tie In With Social Media 

A lot of apartment complexes will have fun events, open common spaces, and other fun happenings. Having a website that has the ability to tie in social media can keep things fresh on your site and show people another side of your building.

Retargeting Ads

Oftentimes people aren’t perusing apartment building websites just for fun - they’re searching for their future home! When they’re on your site, that’s showing a pretty strong intention to buy. That means often times it’s a wise choice to use retargeting ads on your visitors so your apartment complex stays top of mind. 

Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

Driving by a building can give you an idea, but especially in places like Seattle, seeing building after building, you can’t always tell the difference by just driving by. Like we mentioned, websites are where people are going and so that’s the place that can make a difference over your competition. If people see you’re putting in effort on your website, they’ll surmise you’ll be putting in effort for them as residents. 

Overall there is a lot of potential to market your apartment building and set your building apart from your competition. If you have a high quality website not only will you just attract new residents, but they’ll be the right ones that stay and reduce turnover - and therefore costs for your team. 

Ready to upgrade your apartment marketing? 

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