Website Project Launches

Rio Golden Posted by Rio Golden on December 17, 2020

Our Shopify Website Design and Build for Texas Canvas Wares Has Launched!

Our Shopify Website Design and Build for Texas Canvas Wares Has Launched!

eCommerce Website Launched for Crafted Goods Texas Canvas Wares

Texas Canvas Wares sought out to create high quality, yet affordable canvas aprons and accessories. They believe hard workers deserve gear that works hard for them, which is why they look to design high quality, tough wearing canvas. They meticulously craft each apron, making sure that every grommet, rivet, and stitch are done to the best of their ability. 

Website Design 

Upon our initial discussion with Texas Canvas Wares, it was clear that they were looking for a site that was rugged and showed their roots in wanting quality products, while also showed a clean and trustworthy side. We worked with them to determine the colors used to bring in a rugged look and feel, while also making sure the focus was on the products. 


The product pages were designed with each product in mind, with large product images to show off the details, and information easily accessible to the user about each product. We’ve added a place for reviews and pull in related products to keep the user's interest. 

Shopify Development

With Shopify, we were able to build out this website on a strong eCommerce platform that is made for growth. With a number of apps available, the Texas Canvas Wares team can continue to grow their product lines and website functionality easily. Shopify makes it easy for them to add new products onto the site, and their app store makes app installation as easy as a click of a button. The site already utilizes ElfSight to pull in the curated Instagram feed to the bottom of the website, giving the homepage a fresh look and feel as often as new posts are added. 


The quality of Texas Canvas Wares is unmatched and we’re excited that they have a new site to build their business. Learn more about the project here, and be sure to check out their awesome new website!

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