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Catherine Blake Smith Posted by Catherine Blake Smith on March 22, 2021

We've Launched a Redesigned Website for Watson Consoles

We've Launched a Redesigned Website for Watson Consoles

Our Custom Website Design for the Sustainable Furniture Dispatch Brand Is Now Live!

Along with our project for their sister company Watson Furniture, we’ve been working on designing and building out a brand new website for Watson Consoles. Watson Consoles designs, manufactures and builds custom dispatch consoles that are functional, durable, and beautiful. They wanted a new site that spoke more specifically to their audience and showed off their beautiful products better.

Custom Website Design 

The approach that Watson Consoles takes in designing their products is as thoughtful as it gets, and we wanted to really show that off on the website design. They create consoles that are scalable, customizable, and customer-focused. The site is clean yet features product photos heavily using large-scale imagery and targeted content. 

We highlighted the important aspects of each product, while also giving users the room to explore on their own based on their specific needs. We created navigation to highlight the Watson Advantage, while also directing users to explore their product lines based either on a specific product or their space. 

Users see the products in use throughout the website using photos, and we also included Client Stories so that users could read about specific challenges faced by dispatch centers and how Watson Consoles helped the team overcome the challenges with their amazing products. 

Each product page features large imagery of the product in multiple settings, as well as a clean photo with hotspots for users to hover and learn more about each and every detail. This again reinforces the thoughtfulness of Watson Console products and helps users fully understand the breadth and depth of work that goes into each product.

Website Build

The Watson Consoles site was built on FusionCMS. This was done so that the Watson Console team would have full control over their website and easily be able to update it as needed. With FusionCMS, the Watson Consoles team is not limited to a box and their products are able to shine. Their website features a number of customizable templates that they can replicate to continue to build out the website and add new content whenever needed. 

A highlight of the custom functionality that we provided comes in the “Build Your Console” section of the website. We created this so that users could see all three models of their consoles and test out the different features and see what they’d actually look like. Users can play around with the different styles and features before requesting a quote from the Watson Consoles team, who will receive the image and information about the console built. 

The site also ties into their third-party CRM with embedded forms that link directly into their system.

It was such a joy for us to work with the collaborative and creative Watson Consoles team and we are excited to continue our partnership with them. To learn more about this project, check out their website and learn more about it in our project portfolio.

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