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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on November 11, 2014

Online Marketing for Property Management Websites Made Easy

Online Marketing for Property Management Websites Made Easy

Property Management Website Marketing Made Easy

Is your property management website an effective tool for business development?

property-management-website-design-seattle-2.jpgAccording to Tech Journal, 53% of people cited Google/internet search as the most important factor in helping them find a place to rent. Statistically, the “Gen Y” demographic is less likely to buy a home than previous generations. These 80 million people born between 1978 and 1995 have high standards for access to current information and convenient functionality. To position yourself for success in this area, consider the following priorities:

Create a categorized listing structure Search engines and end users alike want to intuitively navigate your site and quickly get to the most relevant information. Filtering by features like amenities, location, walk score, and ratings can eliminate the barriers and frustration that contribute to bounce rate.

Calls-to-action Strategically placed, clear calls to action are imperative to converting a visitor to a potential lead. Make it an interactive experience, as opposed to simply offering information.

Updated content Are you collecting and showcasing testimonials? Are the vacancies on your website current? This information is not only important for your audience - it’s also crucial to maintaining organic SEO ranking.

Content Management System (CMS) Rather than relying on a Developer, a CMS gives staff the power to update your website with ease in real-time, even with limited technical skills. From analytics to blogging to email marketing – a CMS turns your website into a marketing tool.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Having a robust website only helps if people can find it. SEO is an ongoing process dependent on several factors, including content updates, strategic messaging and backlinks.  A professionally developed, categorized site can set you up for success.

Looking to give YOUR property management firm’s website a competitive edge?

Let our team of 32 design, development, marketing and SEO specialists help you attract more traffic and boost your conversion rate. Our ManagePro platform was built specifically for Property Management companies, and provides all the tools you need to effectively market your properties. To learn more about our website design services for Property Management, give us a call at 206.384.4909 or fill out our online contact form