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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on October 24, 2010

Seattle Mason Bee & Website Firms Create Buzz

Crown Bees of Woodinville, WA recently launched their new ecommerce website platform in partnership with efelle. Dave Hunter, founder of Crown Bees,  started the company to help both the home gardener and commercial orchard growers in their challenge to keep their gardens and orchards pollinated in light of the growing honey bee decline.

"I chose efelle as my website developer and follow on platform host for a few reasons. Predominately their price was in line with their competition and after careful business review, I found their depth and follow on website support/updating defined a company that was in business to retain their customers", said Dave Hunter, owner of Crown Bees. "Providing a service is important, but providing a service with the intent to retain and help a company succeed speaks well of their customer service philosophy. You can learn more about Crown Bees by visiting their website at,

efelle was very excited when Dave asked our team to build his ecommerce website and shopping cart capabililty. Dave came to us with some creative ideas and high expectations and we've worked very hard to deliver on his many custom website requirements," said Mike Howell, a marketing consultant at efelle. "Our content management system and suite of online marketing tools play important roles in Dave's business and we're proud to be his online marketing partner." 

For additional information on how efelle's online marketing solutions can help your business, contact Mike Howell at 425.891.1622 or visit ABOUT Efelle Media – Efelle Media is a premier online marketing firm based in Seattle, WA. We focus on building and delivering 'creative' business solutions, drawing on our team's diverse mixture of artistic, technical and advertising talents, offering a one-stop shop for everything from website design & development to effective online advertising to complete brand creation and professional marketing campaigns.