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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on October 12, 2009

Race to top of Google

The tide has changed, Jump on in!

Ahhh, remember the old days when if you needed a florist or mechanic you’d reach for the ol' phone book, way back when there were only CRT tv's?

Hard to remember 2002!

Well maybe not that much time has passed, but the way people look for practically everything has, from services to products -even what YOU’RE selling!

Didja know?

That 65% of ALL web activity starts with a search engine like Google?  Search is 2nd ONLY to e-mail as the most frequently performed activity on the web!  Which means customers looking for something to buy are looking to search results for the answer.  Good news for businesses who have worked to place themselves among the leaders on the web because….

Didja know?

That 85% of clicks come from the top 5 free, organic results on search engines?  When looking at a results page on Google the results in the box at the very top and all the results are the far right side are known as "pay per click" results.  The rest in  the middle/left section are the free, organic results.  These are results that appear based on Google's algorythems and merit as having the most relivancy to the terms you searched on.   Everyday those results are getting sharper because……

Didja know?

That the fastest growing trend in search is "long tail key words".  Meaning people search using 4 or more terms now than they ever have.  People want good, quality results and Google honestly wants to provide them.  Sure Google is a behemoth that makes a lot of money, but for organic search results they make changes to their systems everyday to weed out "black hat" tricks and hackers who only try to get to the top through underhanded methods.  Google's goal is to provide quality results that are relevant to your search so that you come back again and again.  To the same extent people are more precise in their methodology of searching.  This relates to the "long tail key words".  People don't search "auto mechanic", they will search "transmission repair Audi Seattle" which means if you specialize in transmission repairs on Audi's and your shop is in Seattle that you your site better be optimized to pop-up.

"Didja know?" may be a fun, palm-to-forehead moment, but your SEO grade and how to get to the top of Google’s organic search engine listings shouldn't be.  

Efelle Media is here to help small business drive results on line.  

Let's look at your site, your competition, and win the race to the top of Google!

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