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Kevin Gamache Posted by Kevin Gamache on September 08, 2023

Rogers Athletic Launches New eCommerce Website

Rogers Athletic Launches New eCommerce Website

We’ve Launched a Brand New Website Redesign for Rogers Athletic.

About Client

Based out of Michigan, Rogers Athletic has been in the athletic equipment space since the 1930s. This family-owned business started in the football industry by repairing and cleaning used football equipment, transformed into an athletic equipment manufacturer in the late '60s, and evolved into the full-service solution for athletic equipment that they are today. Their three sub-brands include Rogers Athletic, Pendulum, and Impact Athlete.


Goals for Redesign

For this eCommerce/eCatalog website design, our main goals included:

  • Creating user-friendly product catalogs that are easy to find, navigate, and shop
  • Designing a more dynamic site to match the high energy of football and strength training
  • Developing a more interactive website to keep the user engaged


Website Design & Functionality Highlights

For the design of this eCommerce/eCatalog website, our web design team focused on making their website less static and more energized to fit the excitement and feel of their athletic offerings. Navigation was also a previous pain point for them, so we made sure each sub-brand was clear, menu hierarchies made sense, and products were easy to find.


This eCommerce/eCatalog website was developed on BigCommerce and Headless WordPress. Headless WordPress was used for better performance, better SEO, and seamless content management and BigCommerce was used for product management and to enhance the customer’s journey through checkout.


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