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Aaron Moore Posted by Aaron Moore on August 06, 2020

Seattle Home Builder Conner Homes Launches a New Website!

Seattle Home Builder Conner Homes Launches a New Website!

Website Design for Family-Owned Home Builders Conner Homes

Conner Homes prides itself on being family-owned, locally-operated, and being quality-craftsmen based in the Pacific Northwest. They have a rich history and exude confidence, warmth, quality, and ease of business.

This opportunity came out of our partnership with the amazing Seattle Times Media Solutions who are providing some great marketing services for Conner Homes. 

Site Aesthetics

The site uses the font Tahoma, which is a sans serif font that presents a strong but friendly font. The colors match the current branding of the Conner Homes brand, which matches the Northwest roots of the business, with dark blue and green tones, with light green and orange accents. The photography done by the Conner Homes team provides a consistent and clean style that can be matched throughout the rest of the site. 


Website Design 

The Conner Homes team builds beautiful and elegant homes that have unique characteristics of the PNW that weren’t previously being shown off on their site. They wanted the new website design to show off not only the quality of the homes but make it easy for buyers to be able to learn more. 

For many buyers, the website may be the first touchpoint of the buying process, so it was important that a website is a place that allows users to easily find the homes and information they are looking for. With that in mind, we made sure the structure of the navigation was straightforward and the homepage was designed with the user in mind. Users are immediately prompted with the CTA to "Find Your Home." This is done throughout the site and helps guide the user to start the journey to find their home. 


Design-wise, it was really important for the Conner Homes site to show off the communities they have well and make sure that the community landing pages were easy to find. With users that are often visiting pages multiple names, we created a sub-navigation on community pages so that users can easily see an overview, gallery, plans and pricing, and other important details about the home. 

Website Development 

As home builders and sellers, there is a lot of turnover in terms of what is being sold, meaning the site needs to be updated frequently. We built the site on FusionCMS and made it extremely easy for the Conner Homes team to update the neighborhoods as well as any other portion of the site. 

On the backend of the community pages, the Conner Homes team can easily drop in images and content that will automatically format correctly on the front end, making it easy for a busy team like Conner Homes to update the site. 

To learn more about this project, check out the Portfolio entry, and be sure to check out the live site!

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