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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on February 17, 2011

Social Media: Getting the Most From Twitter

Social Media: Getting the Most from Twitter

Making Tweet, Tweet, Love

It?s been my social media questionmanaging social media of the month ? "How do I make the most of Twitter?? The kicker behind getting the most out of twitter for your business is to know the purpose of twitter. Twitter isn?t your standard marketing tool; it?s a relationship tool, a news feed, a single hub of at times random communication between people that have interest at various levels ? key to capitalizing on twitter is to use the way that it was meant to be used.

Following is a short list of effective Twitter Tips you can employ at your business right now:

Don't just tweet, re-tweet

There is a ton of information out there, and it?s likely that if you are interested in an article that someone you follow is tweeting, that those that follow you will find and interest in it as well.

Get @ your followers

Acknowledge your followers! One of the secrets to social media is that everyone likes to be mentioned, so let them know you aren?t just a giant floating head, but there is actually a man behind the curtain that appreciates them following.

Be yourself and make it personal

Your twitter followers want to know what the heck you are up to, so let them know. It?s a SOCIAL MEDIA tool, cut loose, don?t be too stiff, be sure to shoot out a couple of personal tweets about what is going on, what you are excited and passionate about, remember that people like people who are people.

Brand your page

The twitter page of your business should reflect your business. Try to mirror the look and feel of your website when you design your twitter page to keep a fluid feel as twitter followers and website visitors bounce back and forth ? continuity is key in funneling and capitalizing on traffic.

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