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Kerry Sweeney Posted by Kerry Sweeney on July 28, 2022

Style Tiles: For Your Website Redesign

Style Tiles: For Your Website Redesign

One thing that our website design team incorporates into every website redesign is a style tile. If you’ve never heard that term before, you might not know what style tiles are and why they’re so important when you’re thinking about your new website visually.

Style tile components for website redesign

What is a style tile?

A style tile is a visual representation of what design elements might be on your website. It’s not a mock-up that will usually show what the whole page looks like. Instead, a style tile pulls out some interesting design elements that may exist across pages to show what they’d all look like together.

This helps outline an overall feel for the site. It may include what fonts are being used, imagery, iconography, button styles, and colors.

Website design on the style tile

You can think of it as a brand kit for your website. In fact, many of our clients will use their final style tile as inspiration for their brand guidelines. A good style tile can stay with your company for future website updates as well.

Style tile variations for website redesign

Why do you need a style tile for your website redesign?

We provide our clients with style tile options from the early design stages. That’s because it helps us conceptualize some different styles and directions without fully designing the site.

This really gives clients a chance to review the various design elements and see how they all work together. Sometimes, when you see the whole website together, you get caught up in the copy or the layout. A style tile breaks things down to just the design.

This direct focus on the design means that we’re able to ensure the vision matches the client’s aesthetic before getting too far into the design process.

Website redesign style tile variations

How do you review style tiles?

When you’re looking at a style tile, there are a few things you’ll want to consider to determine if that style tile is a good reflection of what you’re looking for with your website redesign.

Here are some questions you’ll want to ask:

  • Do the mood and visual direction of the style title fit my brand and how I want my brand to be perceived?
  • Is the style tile consistent with other brand or marketing pieces currently being used? Think about social media, print materials, etc.
  • Does the aesthetic appeal to my target audience?
  • Can the aesthetic help meet the goals of the full website?

These questions will help you connect with whether the style tile is really representative of what you want for your website.

Style tile variations for website design

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