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Marc Takeuchi Posted by Marc Takeuchi on August 01, 2019

The Importance of Online Marketing for Home Builders

The Importance of Online Marketing for Home Builders

The housing market in Seattle is hotter than ever—which also means it’s more competitive.

For home builders, that means taking every opportunity to find new clients where they live (forgive the pun). And, according to data from the National Realtor Association, that’s online; close to 90% of home searches begin on the Internet.

Unfortunately, most home builders would rather be outside creating something beautiful than poking around online. Still, a web presence and smart online marketing are crucial for home builders, which is why professionals like the ones here at efelle can be such great partners.

Why online marketing matters

In addition to being the most common way that potential clients find their contractors, a strong web presence can also help set you apart from your closest competition. Even if you’re not the top search result every single time, a website or social media presence that is informative, interactive, and engaging can help potential clients feel more strongly about your brand and be more willing to contact you when they have needs.

Online marketing also helps set you up for success through referrals. Encouraging your happy clients to leave Yelp and Google reviews about their experience or to share your work online is great—unless the website that they’re leading their friends to is subpar.

And, of course, referrals can come from the world outside of the Internet...but that doesn’t mean your web content doesn’t matter. In the last few years, mobile browsing has eclipsed desktop as the main way that folks find information online. For home builders, that means it’s important to make sure that your environmental marketing matches what clients find on the Internet; when someone sees your yard sign in front of a project and wants to check you out on their smartphone, they’ll see something that not only meets their expectations but that drives them to learn more.

How efelle helps home builders

Between our graphic designers, copywriters, web developers, SEO magicians, and social media masters, the efelle creative team is prepared to make your business show up in search, stand out on social, and surprise and delight newcomers.

Our blogging services can help you demonstrate how knowledgeable you are about local trends while our obsession with responsive web design ensures that no matter how someone finds your site, they’ll get the best possible version for their device. Our websites are powerful enough to quickly load your portfolio of images and display the many awards, accreditations, or accolades you’ve received.

Additionally, we can help make sure you’re a top search result through our search engine optimized content management systems. Just as your homes are built to last, our websites are built to rise to the top.

In a competitive market, every edge counts. Let efelle creative show you what our edge is.

Are you a home builder who needs content marketing help?

The award-winning team at efelle creative in Seattle includes website designers, web developers, SEO copywriters, and digital marketing specialists that will help your business maintain an SEO content strategy that gets results. Call us at 206.384.4909 or use our online contact form for a free consultation.