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Leif Parcell Posted by Leif Parcell on July 13, 2015

The Top Ten Tenets of a Totally Tremendous Lead Gen Site

The Top Ten Tenets of a Totally Tremendous Lead Gen Site

Your leads are only as awesome as the website that generates them.

Designing an effective landing page that’s focused on generating leads doesn’t have to be daunting or time-consuming. By doing a little research on lead generation websites, you can learn precisely what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, why it works.

The following 10 tenets are proven to increase your lead generation and conversions, while improving your website’s credibility and presence.

1.    Always Add a Contact Number

Including a contact number in your website may seem like a common sense move, but in doing so, you are significantly increasing your reliability and integrity. So, even if your consumers don’t actually pick up the phone, just the existence of a phone number means you are a legitimate business they can contact in the event they have questions or concerns about your product or service.

2.    Ensure There Are Forms on Every Page

Visibility and easy access to your lead generation form is vital to expanding the number of workable leads through your website. The less information the customer has to look or ask for, especially in the beginning, the more likely they will be to enter their personal contact details.

Placing the lead generation form above the fold also strengthens the chance that consumers will see it and fill it out, especially if there are visible prompts such as pointers or arrows and an attractive first time offer.

3.    Include Photos and Customer Testimonials

One of the most powerful marketing tools a business can use is their own customer testimonials, and by adding photos or even videos, can take the message a step further.

While video or rich media types may be a bit much for a lead generation website, genuine testimonials can have a significant impact and provide support to your business.

4.    Use Video to Communicate to Users

Besides being one of the hottest trends in online marketing, videos also bridge a distinctive gap between online customer retention and in-person customer service. Video has proven to help increase conversion rates, engagement rates for a wide range of industries, particularly e-commerce websites.

The top performing videos communicate directly to the user instead of at them. Online visitors who have viewed a product or service video were more likely to make the conversion to consumers than those that simply viewed an ad. Videos help customers feel more confident and informed about their purchase.

5.    Trust in the Trust Seal

When an online visitor comes across a website that interests them, a significant amount of trust needs to be built in order to convert them to consumer. With the growing number of sites available, it’s not easy for them to determine which websites are safe and which ones aren’t.

A survey conducted by Econsultancy/Toluna confirmed the influence of trust seals when it asked participants which factors helped them decide whether or not to trust a website.


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6.    Use Action Verbs to Describe Your Offer

Influential action verbs such as “catch“, ”experience” and “need” are very persuasive because of their active manner as opposed to “envision having” or “visualize needing”, etc. Using action-oriented verbiage within your offer positions the consumer in a central role as the one receiving the benefits as opposed to simply visualizing them.

7.    Avoid “Mass-Produced” Website Templates

When it comes to quality lead generation, you should avoid ordinary assembly line website templates. As an alternative, invest in the highest quality website you can afford and ensure the purpose and message of the page is clear and geared toward generating leads. Having a well-designed website also garners customer confidence and trust when visiting or shopping online.

8.    Determine the End Result First

When it comes to lead generation your first question should be, “What do I want my end result to be?” So with that said, you will want to begin while keeping the end in mind.

What precisely does a “lead” mean to you?

Identifying what a lead means to you and your business will produce clearer analytics and testing goals in order to assist you in determining specifically what actions you want the user to take as they progress through your website. By clearly defining your beginning point, you’ll have a much easier time adapting your conversion goals accordingly.

9.    Utilize Whitespace to Your Advantage

Whitespace, although considered by some as dead space, can be used a multitude of ways to make a big impact throughout your lead gen site. Rather than attempting to fill up every empty area on a webpage, use the whitespace to separate and showcase your content, photos and call to action buttons. If there is too much going on a webpage, it can end up only providing a distraction to your consumers, which in turn will lower your conversion rates.

10.   Test, Test and Test Again

None of the above suggestions will help unless you test them and determine for yourself what works for you and your business. A lead generation page is also an excellent way to test potential web design changes before uploading them to your site.

Obviously you will want to have your analytics and testing software in place before beginning to test your site. Testing is crucial in order to establish timelines and trends, real-time data and conversion rates that will allow you to analyze data down to the tiniest details.

Testing is the only way to truly know exactly what is working for you, but if you incorporate the above practices when designing your lead generation webpages, you will soon be working less and converting more.

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