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Leif Parcell Posted by Leif Parcell on March 28, 2014

Want Great Search Traffic? Be Like Google.

Want Great Search Traffic? Be Like Google.

Want Great Search Traffic? Be Like Google.

Google’s approach to search has made it the market leader. You can use Google’s tactics to realize greater success too.

For those sites evolving over that past 5 or 10 years, there have been many struggles to cope with Google’s changes. The reason: they failed to focus on quality and user experience. But those are exactly the traits Google seeks to exemplify in the first place. Those setting out today should take a new approach. Instead of trying to manipulate Google’s algorithm to boost ranks, marketers would be much better off learning from Google’s philosophy instead. Essentially, if you can be like Google, you’ll be liked by Google.

The Mature Google Algorithm

In the early days, Google’s algorithm was simplistic. It based search results on items that could easily be manipulated to gain relevance, like keywords and numbers of backlinks. It’s not a perfect world and those who see opportunities to profit will take it. We could blame unscrupulous marketers for Google’s algorithm evolution, but maybe the blame lies with Google as well. Google made manipulation too easy by using an approach to search that was too simple.

But Google is all grown up now. It can differentiate quality content from junk. It knows which web pages engage users and which ones send them bouncing. It can recognize the connections between terms without targeted keywords. It knows that SEO and web marketing are nearly interchangeable terms. This approach has kept it the dominant search engine with approximately 67 percent of market share for searches.

Focus on Quality and User Experience

In many ways, that makes our job easier. We can now spend more time focusing on user experience and less on petty and childish technical issues designed solely for boosting search rank. We can look to our competitors and make sure our site is more useful and usable. We can reach for higher standards in the quality of our content and be proud of creative achievements rather than technical ones.

Embrace Design as Part of SEO

Besides refining its search algorithm to be more sophisticated, Google has done one other thing very well: web design. It uses a simple interface with few distractions. It adds fun by changing up its Doodles to celebrate holidays and events. It provides utility and entertainment in a simple and clean interface. This design approach is a strong contributor to its success. Not sure that’s true? Check out Bing and Yahoo! See the difference? We can order the market share by the level of “busy” on each site.

Google     Bing    Yahoo

Want Google to like your website? Simplify your web design and put more focus on quality and user experience.

Efelle media has seen many changes in search marketing over the years. One common denominator we’ve seen is that sites consistently focusing on the audience instead of manipulating search rank are much less likely to suffer a sudden drop in rank. Let our team help you redesign your website for quality and user experience. Call 206.384.4909 or use or online contact form to arrange for a free consultation.