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Catherine Blake Smith Posted by Catherine Blake Smith on September 29, 2020

Website Design for Transportation Company Everts Air Takes Flight

Website Design for Transportation Company Everts Air Takes Flight

Website Redesign Launched for Alaskan Cargo Transporter Everts Air

Everts Air is an established family company that started using decommissioned warplanes to carry cargo across Alaska. Today, they are one of the leading providers of cargo and shipment services throughout Alaska.

Website Design 

We began the process by designing out the homepage matching the current branding and taking into account the primary audiences that will be viewing the website. We used yellow as a highlight color for calls to action throughout the site, making the CTAs bright and clear to users. 

The site also uses beautiful imagery of Alaska, both paying homage to where Everts operates, but also makes for an engaging site. The beautiful scenery is mixed in with other actual photos from the Everts Air team providing evidence of their amazing capabilities to ship everything from boats to seafood to hazardous materials. 


Website Development

We built the site on FusionCMS because we wanted it to be easy to update for the Everts Air team. We reused many modules, making it easy to update on the backend as well as creating a smooth and cohesive experience on the backend. 

One area we are very excited about is the ease of use for the Everts team to be able to create and update their pricing tables. With price changes frequently occurring, we needed it to be both easy to understand for the end-user while also making it easy for the Everts team to be able to update without knowing how to code. Our development and design team collaborated to create a beautiful and easy-to-update table that can even be replicated for other uses. 

We also built out a Destinations Map to show off the network of Everts Air Cargo, which includes service to 13 hubs and charter service to over 100 remote destinations. The searchable map includes 2 unique identifiers for users to search the closest places to deliver their cargo in the area, as well as connecting service, contact information, and hours. 

To learn more about the site, check out our portfolio listing and be sure to check out the beautiful new site!

Website Redesign on Your End of the Year Checklist? 

It’s time to get started! If you’re wanting to start 2021 with a fresh new site like Everts Air, now’s the time to start thinking about a website redesign.