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Website Project Launches

Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on August 10, 2019

New eCommerce website launch for Human Inc!

New eCommerce website launch for Human Inc!

Introducing State of the Art Human Headphones & An eCommerce Website to Match

The team at efelle has been working hard on this secret project for a few months with the Human Inc to prepare this product for its online reveal. Collaborating with the Human Inc team, we worked through multiple iterations of the websites to create a state-of-the-art finished ecommerce product that shows off the headphones while granting Human Inc the flexibility to adjust their online approach on the fly. 

The wealth of knowledge the team at Human posesses among their team and board is all but equal to the passion that the team holds for creating a beautiful and functional product. Human's goal was to make the way people think about headphones as more than a listening device, by creating a truly human-centric product. 

"We believe tech can be more natural and intuitive. By re-imagining headphones, we can break from the constraints of yesterday and innovate something that surprises and delights."


The site is sprinkled with pops of lifestyle imagery throughout the site, people using Human Headphones, and big, bright product shots to show the features and demonstrate the vibe of the product. We combined lifestyle imagery with a lot of movement, smooth scrolling effects, and high quality video, enabling the site to project the intuitive yet innovative nature of the product. 


FusionCMS allows for unlimited content flexibility, while the eCommerce aspect of the site is powered by BigCommerce. To appeal to the target demographics of the site, an optimized one-page checkout allows for quick and easy purchasing even on mobile devices, and multiple payment options are available, like Paypal, ApplePay, and Google Pay, among the usual credit card. 

The checkout also offers payment installments to allow for monthly payments to be made, an increasingly common tactic used in the eCommerce space to alleviate the hurdle of a higher product cost, gaining popularity in verticals from headphones to mattresses. 


Be sure to check out the site - not just because of the beautiful intuitive design and amazing development, but also because of this badass product that we can't wait to hit the market. We have no doubt in our minds that Human Headphones are setting a new precedent for how we think about headphones. 

A Client-Centric Process for a Human-Centric Product

It was important for us to design and develop a custom site that spoke to the audience Human was trying to reach while also letting the amazing product and brand speak for itself. When building a site, we work to understand the users and their goals on the site while truly integrating our team with our clients so we can feel and be inspired by the passion behind the product. 

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