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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on May 27, 2013

Why Every Dentist's Practice Needs a Dental Web Page

Why Every Dentist’s Practice Needs a Dental Web Page

Local advertising isn’t enough. Only a professionally designed dental web page offers all the information prospective clients want.

All businesses need to attract customers, and dentistry is a highly competitive field. In some areas, dental clinics find themselves among several strong competitors, all looking to reach more clients. Such stiff competition means that every dental practice must find an edge to reach as many potential clients as possible. Without a web page, it simply can’t be done.

Everyone Is Online

Nearly everyone uses the internet for information today. Even older clients who don’t own computers use library computers or those of relatives to research local services. The yellow pages don’t offer any clues as to the professionalism, courtesy or expertise a practice might offer. The information they need to make an informed decision is only available online.

Controlling Your Reputation and Public Image

If you fail to represent your practice on a web site that you control, you depend on often-erroneous information from directories and review sites that may or may not show your practice in its true light. You have better control over the information people are likely to find about your practice by creating and marketing your practice’s own website.

Offering Important Information

Having your own professional dental web page also lets you offer helpful information to prospective clients. A good dental web page includes information on items such as your clinic’s specialties, pictures of the clinic building exterior and interior, links to staff profiles, clinic operating hours, directions to the practice, and a contact form for those looking to schedule appointments online.

This array of information does two things for your practice. First, it offers any information someone would need to schedule an appointment and arrive at your practice. Second, it overcomes doubts potential clients may have about a practice they don’t otherwise know or trust.

Educating Patients

Through your website’s blog and other information pages, you can keep patients informed about important advancements in the treatments your clinic offers and provide basic dental care information that everyone should know. It’s a way to reach out to those seeking information about dental matters who otherwise might not know about your practice. When they search the web for information about dental problems, they find your article on the topic, making them more likely to come to you for treatment.

A dental web page is also excellent for answering common questions patients have, letting your staff focus more on customer service, scheduling and billing. It’s also a convenient way to provide clients with post-treatment care information, something often misplaced by patients once they leave your clinic.

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