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Tessa Wuertz Posted by Tessa Wuertz on July 28, 2020

Why Pay Per Click Marketing Is the Best Way to Market Your Business

Why Pay Per Click Marketing Is the Best Way to Market Your Business

Here's Why We Love Pay-Per-Click Advertising (& You Should Too!) 

Right now, we’re being asked constantly what the wisest way to spend marketing dollars. It obviously depends on the business and if you have an eCommerce store already but overall our number one recommendation is Pay-Per-Click advertising and SEO.

I know, I know, you’ve heard that before but there’s a reason most of the world’s largest businesses use Pay-Per-Click and have continued to do so during these uncertain times.

So let’s talk about why we love PPC and why it’s one of the best ways to spend your marketing money right now. 

It’s Targeted Advertising

With PPC you’re able to target people who have shown interest in your product! Whether it’s specifically remarketing because it’s on your page or it’s like-audiences, you’re already helping yourself target more qualified leads because you’re going after. 

The age of advertising used to be billboards that threw out ads to a large group of random people. 

Then we got a little more specific - think about ads targeting people in magazines. In the same way ads are targeted towards people who read the magazine.

And now? You've got extremely targeted advertising, meaning you're only showing ads to people who might deem it relevant. 

Those You’re Targeting Have Shown Interest

To further expand on our last point… the way you’re targeting people with Pay-Per-Click and Display advertising and Remarketing is using really specific variables that you decide on.

What that means is either: 

  • You are re-marketing to people who have visited your site, Instagram, Facebook, etc. This means they have familiarity with your brand and you're not cold advertising.
  • You are marketing to people who are in the same demographic group, interest group, etc. as people who already buy from you, meaning they've shown some attributes that make them more likely to buy. 

Both of these mean you’re pre-qualifying your marketing to more likely hit potential customers, making the chances they’ll buy from you higher than any other type of marketing. 

You Control What They See

While not 100% true that you can control everything that someone sees, you do get to control where the user lands once they click your advertisement. Why is this a good thing? Remember how were talking about targeting earlier? With landing pages, you’re able to further tailor the experience to your audience. You’re able to highlight the different features of a product or even your services based on the audience. 

Let’s go through a high-level example. 

Say you sell a coffee mug. There are two really great benefits to your coffee mug: it keeps things really hot, and it is really durable and made to be taken outdoors. 

With your PPC Advertising, you can segment your marketing around those two benefits. 

For the first benefit, you can target people who have previously looked up insulated mugs - you can send them to a landing page that specifically outlines the technology used to keep things warm and testimonials from customers sharing how long their coffee or tea stayed warm. 

For the second benefit you would target outdoorsy folks, and you could send them to a different landing page that specifically outlines its durable frame and sleek design, as well as mention the warming capabilities. 

You’re advertising the same product but showing it in a way that highlights what each target market cares about. This can help increase the conversions you see and help you test which audience provides the best results of your efforts. 

Quick Results

Another great benefit of Pay-Per-Click advertising is the speed at which you can see results. If you’re working with a well-qualified agency, you can get things up and running in a matter of days, and then your ads can be live and online, meaning people will see your ads right away. 

Sure, you’re spending money on the outright, but if you’re able to make that money back quickly with the increase in leads, isn’t it worth it to invest? 

People are Online

We might sound like a broken record but the facts don’t lie. 93% of online activities start on a search engine. And during the pandemic, we’ve seen a huge increase in time spent online and a decrease of exposure to other types of advertisements. 

People are online and they’re shopping and you have the right product or service for them. Now it’s time to get in front of them. They’re finding something they love - you’re growing your business… what more could you want? 

So what are you waiting for?

Reach out today and find out if Pay-Per-Click advertising could be right for you. We’ll have a qualified Digital Strategist take a look at your current marketing strategy and see how you could potentially benefit from PPC Marketing.