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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on November 01, 2015

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Mobile Responsive Website - Now

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Mobile Responsive Website - Now

Don’t miss out on a growing segment of potential clients.

With smartphone and tablet sales soaring, law firms need to invest in a website that is easily accessible and viewable on mobile devices, unless they want to risk being left behind. A growing number of consumers are researching legal topics and looking for attorneys on their mobile devices, so having a mobile-friendly website has become an absolute must for law firms that want to keep up with the competition. Below are some compelling reasons why your law firm should invest in a mobile website.

Mobile Traffic Accounts for 9% of Website Traffic

Mobile traffic has grown significantly in the last year. In fact, it now makes up about 9% of all website traffic. And 9% is a figure that can’t be ignored. Just think: many law firms ensure that their websites are compatible with older web browsers like Internet Explorer 7, which now only accounts for 2.9% of all website traffic. If law firms are worried about something that only accounts for 2.9% of all website traffic, it’s a no-brainer that they make their sites accessible to mobile users, who make up more than 3 times that amount.

Half of the US Population Uses Mobile Media

Mobile media users are those who download mobile content, access mobile applications, and browse the mobile web. The population of mobile media users grew 19 percent to more than 116 million at the end of August 2011. Mobile media usage continues to grow, with annual smartphone sales expected to reach one billion by 2014.

Mobile Websites Are Cost-Effective

Chances are that you’ve already made a significant investment in your law firm’s website. The process of developing a mobile website that is similar in appearance to your law firm’s main website is not only quick and easy – it’s also affordable. Generally speaking, mobile websites cost about 10% of what desktop website development projects cost.

Create a Mobile Website for Your Law Firm with efelle

efelle’s mobile website architecture can be deployed quickly and affordably for law firms that are already using our proprietary content management system, FusionCMS. We also offer cost-effective website redesign services for law firms that want to overhaul their existing websites to improve their look and feel and make them compatible with mobile devices. For more information or to set up a free consultation, give our legal marketing specialists a call at 206.384.4909 or fill out our quick contact form to talk to a legal web design specialist.