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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on April 28, 2016

Using Web Forms to Grow Your Business

Using Web Forms to Grow Your Business

Today's businesses have an almost countless number of online marketing tools at their disposal

One of the most important and effective of these is the relatively simple web form. Simple, however, does not mean easy when it comes to learning how to most efficiently leverage online web forms. Let's take a closer look at this invaluable marketing tool and how it might help you grow your business.

What Is a Web Form?

Simply put, a web form (or HTML form, as it is sometimes called) is a web page that allows a user to enter information that can be sent to a server for storage and processing. Users generally fill out these forms via text fields, radio buttons, or checkboxes. A form that asks a user to enter name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card information is an example of a basic web form. So is the text entry box on any search engine. 

There are hundreds of reasons why a business might want to include a web form on their site. From tracking orders, to gathering data, to polling prospective customers – information sharing via forms is a common online activity. The following types of forms demonstrate a variety of the most common web forms and how you can use them to support and grow your business. Web forms can be tailored according to business needs and are relatively easy to design given today’s technology. 

Gathering valuable feedback

In the information age, nothing is more important than information, of course. And what your customers think and say about the quality of the products or services your company provides is some of the most valuable information out there. A customer feedback form that is directly available on your website can be very effective, as can sending out an invitation link to fill out the form via email. People love the opportunity to share their ideas and impressions, as it makes them feel invested in the business.

Gain contacts

Contact forms are quite familiar to web users these days. They seem to be as ubiquitous throughout cyberspace as memes. The reason is obvious: there probably isn’t an easier way to offer potential customers a way to contact you without sending them off of your site. It allows them to contact you directly, without the hassle of needing an email client. It also removes the possibility of making mistakes with email addresses, since the form can be routed directly to your preferred email account.

Leveraging the sales order form

Along with having a quality website, ecommerce businesses need to have efficient ordering systems. Sales order forms are good alternatives to online shopping carts, especially for smaller online sales businesses. They are more cost-effective and are generally easier to implement, manage, and use.

Give something away to get something back

An impactful way to utilize a web form is to use it to give away “freebies.” You can offer your customers something for free in exchange for basic information like names and email address. It’s a great way to generate leads and interest in your products and services. Common examples of these freebies include discount coupons, white papers or e-books on a topic related to your business, or newsletters periodically alerting your visitors to sales. 

Learn More About How to Effectively Use Web Forms

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