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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on March 06, 2020

22 Blog Ideas for Law Firms to Boost Your Website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

22 Blog Ideas for Law Firms to Boost Your Website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

First, what makes a good blog post? 

We've told you the benefits of blogging before. In short: fresh content, good for SEO, and shows you as a thought leader. But what makes a good post?

In terms of writing a good blog post for your law firm, it’s important to think of your audience. When you’re writing for a specific audience, it can guide the type of content and how you’re writing it.

Considering your ideal client when writing is helpful. Here’s a few things to consider: what level of knowledge they have on the subject, if they’re a one time or recurring client, what types of questions they usually ask, and what information they should know about you.

It’s also important to consider if you’re looking to be seen as an industry leader, hoping to be invited to speak on panels and webinars, and/or if you’re looking to be a co-council on a case. 

Second, what do you write about?

1. New Staff Bio Feature

Share a photo and quick blurb about the hire, where they went to school, and what practice areas they’ll be working in.

2. A Conference You’re Attending

Whether you’re speaking, there to learn, or sponsoring, showing that you’re taking part in conferences, local and international, shows that you’re team is willing and able to learn more about the industry.

3. A Recap of a Conference You Attended

If you were in attendance of a conference, let people know a few high-points about what you learned and how

4. Summits, and Meeting Sponsorships

If you’re able to sponsor an event, share about it and explain why your team feels it’s important to put on events like this one.

5. Winning Jury Verdict 

When you win a case, let people know! It’s an excellent way to show that you celebrate your clients, wins, and is social-proof that you’re good at what you do.
Our friends at SGB Law share their wins and how much they helped their clients out in the rulings, which builds trust with potential clients.

6. Recap of Panel a Team Member Was On

Sharing the topic or a few quotes from the panel is a wonderful way of sharing information from an array of leaders in your industry. Sharing knowledge not only from your firm but others shows that you have your clients best interest in mind and are sharing content that will truly help them.

7. Company News

Whether it's a new office, new practice area, merger or acquisition, share the news. It seems obvious, but clients and fellow firms want to celebrate your firm and see that you’re growing and changing, so be sure to share your company news.

8. Speaking Engagements Recap

If someone at your firm recently spoke on a topic or was featured on a webinar, a recap is an excellent way to put some fresh content on your blog. It can be a quick paragraph about the topics covered, some memorable quotes, or a transcript of the whole thing.

9. What is ‘practice area’?

Drilling down to the specifics in one of your practice areas allows people to better understand what exactly your team does, and shows that you truly are experts in what you do. Sharing this information can also help users better understand their own case and how you can help them.

10. FAQ’s about your practice area

Putting together a list of the questions your clients ask most often about your specific practice areas can make for a great blog and something that you can send as a reference in the future to your clients. Whether it’s a specific practice area or your practice as a whole, sharing a FAQ blog is very helpful.

11. How does a class action lawsuit work?

It’s a common term that people hear all the time, from commercials to news articles, yet a lot of people don’t know exactly what it means. Giving an explanation of what it means and how it can affect your client is helpful especially in regards to such a publicized topic.

12. Interview Features

Was one of your lawyers recently published or featured in an interview? Sharing a blurb or link to the post shows that you are referenced by others in your field and can be considered an expert.


13. Co-Council Features 

If someone in your firm is co-council for another case, sharing about it is a great idea to show you’re diversifying your experience and are known by other firms as experts!

14. Local Changes - ie Rogers Tower minimum wage

Getting hyper-local can be great for local SEO and building trust with your clients. For example, the changes in the minimum wage in Florida was important for our client Rogers Towers Law, so they wrote a blog about the topic to inform their users.

15. How “New Law” Could Impact Your Life

When new rulings are released, letting people know exactly what it means for them can build trust and be great organic exposure to those searching about the topic. This shows that your team has an ear to the ground and are working

16. “Super Lawyers” & “Rising Starts” from your firm

There are several great resources and ratings systems for lawyers, so sharing a blurb about what it means and a link to the full article is an easy way to show how awesome your team is.

17. Court Orders

If court orders are issued about a big topic in your practice area, share the news and offer some context to users about what this means.

18. Headline News that Relates to Your Practice

Whether it’s trade talks, new studies released, or a trending Twitter topic, sharing a bit of context and the legal implications of some of these news shows that your team is in the news and paying attention to what’s going on in the world.

19. Defining Legal Terms in Lay-Mens termsmentor.png

The legal world is complex, and when you’re in it everyday as a lawyer, you get used to the verbiage you use. You can write a whole blog post explaining one or two commonly used terms which is great for search engine optimization and can be used as a reference to share in the future with your clients.

20. Job Availability and Descriptions 

Hiring for a new paralegal position? Looking for a summer intern? Posting a blog post about what you’re looking for is a good way to let people know you’re hiring and allows you to share a little bit more in-depth information about the role. Our friends at Mentor Law shared when they were looking for a Summer Law Clerk so that they could speak more to the role and what they're looking for. 

21. Pro bono or Community Service Work

Letting people know that some of your work or team activities include community service work or pro bono work can build the trust of your firm.

22. Explaining a Legal Process

How do states Supreme Courts work? Why do some rulings get pushed to a national level? How do legal proceedings work?
Thinking about some general processes and how/why they work can again build trust with your team as a thought leader, as well as build some organic SEO.

Does your law firm website need an SEO boost? 

Blogging is great for building trust, refreshing content, and building out some organic SEO, but sometimes you want to be a bit more aggressive. If you're looking to bolster down and increase your rankings, reach out to our team through one of our forms and hear about a few of our favorite strategies for improving your rankings in Google, increasing conversion rates, and therfore increasing your leads.