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Kevin Gamache Posted by Kevin Gamache on May 11, 2020

Check Out Our New Website for Landmark Roofing

Check Out Our New Website for Landmark Roofing

Website Design for Seattle Roofing Company 

Landmark Roofing has been serving the Seattle area for over a decade. Their high-quality work, exemplary customer service, and strong values have made them a trusted choice by many in the Puget Sound area. They came to us wanting a site to reflect their PNW roots, as well as exceptional service. 

Design Notes

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest and proud to be a local company, the team at Landmark wanted to pay homage to their PNW roots throughout the design. This played heavily into the color choices throughout the site, with forest greens, tans, and blues used throughout the site, with a bright orange used as the accent color. 

We worked with the team to carefully choose imagery used throughout the site to create a balance between lifestyle imagery and their work. With “approachable,” as one of the goals, we wanted to utilize lifestyle imagery to reinforce the idea of a family-owned business as well as represent how Landmark puts their customer service first. 

With multiple different verticals serving both residential and commercial properties, we designed the service pages to be flexible. For some of their services, they have more content so we built out each page to allow for more or less content available. We also helped design out a helpful graphic sharing the Landmarks “Process” so that any customers that haven’t worked with a roofing company before can have a better understanding of the process before reaching out to Landmark.


Website Development

As a service site, there are a few calls to action that we highlight as a best practice, including contacting the business, as well as making it easy for users to get a quote. Both are highlighted throughout the site and the team is easily able to update any form fields and changes with FusionCMS

While the site has a specific “Reviews” page, there are also reviews pulled in throughout the site. Rather than having to update each individual spotlight, the team at Landmark can just add a new testimonial in one place and it’ll automatically pull in the new one throughout the site!

Search Engine Optimization 

As a part of this project, our team also conducted an SEO Audit to find optimal keywords and create a strategy to reach their target audience. Our audits include an onsite install, giving the team a solid foundation for the site to be built on.
We are excited to continue to partner with the Landmark team to optimize their organic traffic, as well as their paid search activities. 

You can read more about the design, as well as see some before and after photos on the portfolio page

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