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Miranda Towler Posted by Miranda Towler on February 25, 2021

eCommerce Website Migration from Volusion to Shopify for Canadian Supplement Company

eCommerce Website Migration from Volusion to Shopify for Canadian Supplement Company

eCommerce Volusion Migration to Shopify for Our Friends at Supplement Source

Supplement Source is a Canadian-based supplement seller that works to secure the best deals for its customers. Founded in 1995, it has since grown to service hundreds of thousands of customers with products at the best price. 

eCommerce Website Design Notes

With new products and deals coming in often, we wanted to create a design that would be flexible and clean for the Supplement Source team. They need to be able to grab the user’s attention with new daily discounts and featured products, so we kept the site clean and modern, with product focus at the forefront. The site uses a clean white and grey background accented by the brand's blues and greens throughout the site. 

We started the website project with a style tile to get the look and feel of the website nailed down. 


Site navigation was important to the Supplement Source team, with their number one priority is helping their customers find exactly what they were looking for. With that in mind, we put a search bar in the navigation and created a mega-menu based on the numerous different categories available. This allows users who know exactly what they want, as well as those who are just browsing to easily reach their goals on the site. 

To keep the site cohesive, we created category icons as well as a photo filter so that all lifestyle and non-product photos would have the same look and feel. 

Volusion Migration 

The migration of the website went smoothly, with the goal being to capture as much data from the previous site as possible and port it into the new site. We were able to keep a number of important aspects of the data with a smooth transition of content. 

Shopify Website Build

The new website uses Shopify, which helps meet the redesign goals of simplifying the checkout and providing easier-to-use discount options. We used Shopify scripts to do cart-level discounts, which is a cornerstone of the Supplement Source business. We also used the app Selly to allow the Supplement Source to use a number of different discounts. From up-sells to exit offers to bundles, they offer a number of different options so Supplement Source can get creative in offering new discounts and even experiment to find the ones that get the best conversion rates. 

The Shopify site is built to be intuitive and is easy to use on the backend as well, which was important for the Supplement Source team who is often updating the site with new products and discounts. We included a discount announcement bar as well as custom shipping options which allows for them to limit specific products selling outside of Canada. 

With a new site built to convert and easy to use, we can’t wait to see how the Supplement Source team continues to grow their business. Read more about the website project portfolio and be sure to check out their new site!

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